Choosing an epilator

I’m looking to buy my first epilator and just don’t know which one to get. I have fair skin and dark leg hair that grows very fast, and I’m sick of shaving! Pain isn’t an issue, I just want to make sure I get one that will get as much of the hair as possible and preferably doesn’t cost a whole bunch. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

All of the new epilators essentially work the same, a spinning barrel with little tweezers pluck your hair out at fast rates. Me, I used to recommend Braun, but there are a whole myriad of new epilators out there that I have never seen nor used, and may be better or worse than my old Braun 3370. But personally? If you’ve become sick of shaving, you’re going to get real sick of epilating too. Although done less frequently (twice a week?) it takes longer to clear an area with an epilator compared to shaving. The time expenditure is really about the same, and epilating actually requires more prep and aftercare to be more successful.

Look at the long term. Know that hair is going to be there forever unless you do something practical and lasting. Think about electrolysis. It’s something that after you get in the habit of getting done, will reward you with gradual, permanently smooth areas. Plenty of people like yourself go through this line of reasoning of shaving, Nair, waxing, epilating, then finally seeking electrolysis. Get started now and you’re that much closer to your eventual goal.