choice of clinics

hi im a 20-year old male who is considering laser hair removal on my arms and hands, have recently started using a hair removal cream on them but it just grows back to fast, i have found two possible websites for clinics in my area. I was wondering if anyone could take a look at the sites and see which one if either would be suitable for me, i have dark hair and although my skin tans easily it is pale on my arms. Any help or suggestions for questions to ask the clinics would be appreciated.


first clinic doesn’t offer a laser and second has an IPL. Try to find someone with a diode (like LightSheer) or alexandrite (like GentleLASE or Apogee). You can run a provider search on the manufacturer websites like Candela corporation that makes GentleLASE.

where are you located? run a search on this and other forums. you might find some recommended tried clinics

thanks lagirl, i live in belfast in northern ireland, i think i’ve found a place nearish to where i live that uses apogee alexandrite, im going to get in touch to try and organize a consultation, thanks again.