Chin waxing? and which wax is best for short hairs

Hi, I have gotten my full legs and underarms sugared the other, for the first time, and my leg hair was about 4-5mm long and my waxer told me that was going to be a bit short to be able to remove all the hair, so she did her best and got most of the hairs but I still have hairs here and there that she missed. I wanted to know if there is a wax brand or something that can remove short hairs, like 2-3mm. Or if waxing is better than sugaring to remove short hairs.


ALSO, I plan on waxing my chin, upper lip and sides of face. Is that a good idea or not. Will it worsen the hair thickness and growth? Also, would I have to wait till my hair is 1/4 inch (6mm) in lenght before I can wax it again. (I’m 18, girl).

Thank you so much!

The hair needs to be about 1/4 inch in order to attach properly to the wax and be able to be pulled off with the root and not be broken off half way.

Yes, waxing and removing hair with the root with any method can make the hair worse over time. You can consider electrolysis for permanent removal. Shaving is the best temporary method.

So, if I wax my chin, how will it make the hair worse (thickness, lengh, more hair?), and will I have to wait for it to be 1/4 inch long to wax again, (because that’s VERY long!). Many women wax their upper lip, it doesn’t seem to cause a problem, is the chin different?

Thank you.

I would not do anything like this on your face. It will most certainly make the hairs more coarse and they will stick out. I know many girls who started doing this in their teens and once the hairs on the sideburns and chin in particular became coarser over time, they started to get ingrown hairs and spots which left the areas scarred.

Even anyone who waxes their upper lip will tell you that the hair is not as soft and downy as it was before they started waxing.

I know how you feel because I suffer from excess hair on my face but I’m SO thankful that my mum never let me wax/thread/tweeze. I researched for a long time and when I had the money, started electrolysis which has been fantastic.

If the hair is dark and your skin is light, I’d recommend bleaching as a temporary method. It just makes the hair less noticeable and brightens the skin as you don’t have that shadow caused by the dark hairs.
You can then research electrolysis and save up for it. In this case, there’s just no point going for temporary methods that can potentially makes things worse.

There are a few really good threads with pictures from female members on this forum who are undergoing facial hair removal with electrolysis.
Here’s mine:

Hi, I get electrolysis on my chin, and it’s really good. Even though I get a tiny bit of scabbing, mostly I just get redness which goes away in a day or two. It is pretty expensive though. But it sounds like you’re already willing to be spending money on getting a professional wax job. With the chin I find that electrolysis is good because it is not very obvious. With waxing you’ll find that you get red skin afterwards anyway.

One option you could try (correct me if I’m wrong anyone!!) is getting your face waxed, and then starting electrolysis as the hair grows back, so you start from a fairly hairless point, and hopefully are able to keep up with the electrolysis enough that you can remain hair free.

^I think that’s an option. But you must be in a position where you have found a good electrologist and have the finances to commit.

I would not recommend continued waxing until one is ready for electrolysis as ‘untouched’ hairs will be killed more easily.

I have darker hairs on my chin and they are long, but unfortunately my electrologist doesn’t notice that. And I don’t think I am overreacting, but I can see the hairs. I think the lighting there is no good, and one of the professionals on here sent me a message saying the technology for maginification they use is old and doesn’t achieve the best results. I think tea tree oil makes the area look a little hair free, but then by the evening it looks the same again. I aim to save up and go to Spain, because I feel I’m not really getting as good results as I want to.

A few years ago I used my epilator on my chin (silly I know but I didn’t like the hair there) and the area looked so nice and fresh. I don’t understand why if I want hairs removed, they don’t get removed, because I wnat it to look how it did when i epilated the area. We need Apilus in this country.

Great surgical loupes and quality lighting, along with proper positioning of the client allows those hairs to be seen. Anything less, gets you very little of what you want. It is disappointing that people can’t receive removal on the hair that bothers them, no matter how thin the hair is. It can be accomplished. Having an Apilus is very special, but other epilators that are operated by a skilled electrologist can please you as well. I happen to love the Aplilus Platinum. It’s my baby-love!


Yea I know, the lighting can determine a lot. OK, if my hair doesn’t look so bad there, it does when I go home. The problem is, people are more likely to see me at home then at the electrolysis place. Frustrating. I need to invite you guys over some day lol.

Just tell her that you want to clear all the hairs on the chin, regardless of whether they look obvious to her or not. {Remember James’ definition in a recent thread of ‘clearance’ for many people being only what can be seen from a 4ft distance in normal lighting.}

It doesn’t sound like you are saying that she can’t see fine, 1mm long hairs, so I doubt the problem is lighting. You only attend for a limited time each treatment, working on various areas not just the chin. She probably does what she sees as the most obvious hairs in the given time. Book an extra appointment just for the chin ask for total clearance of all the hair, then you will have a better idea of what’s going on.

Other electrologists can step up to a higher level of learning and they can invest in the better tools, no matter where on earth they may live. If the consumer demands it and the business is willing to adjust to those demands then they will have work. Most businesses want the customer to choose them. The good ones will adjust to the needs of the consumer and change their business plan so they can stay viable. The ones who don’t will whither away. That is why it is important for the consumer to give feedback. It is all about attitude and freedom. You put one or two electrologists in London that are ten steps ahead of the ones that you are not pleased with and KABOOM! the mediocre practitioner will be eating the dust of the best electrologists who understand change and competition. It’s called FREE MARKET COMPETITION and it works naturally well as long as certain entities get out of the way. The consumer wins with the electrologists that get it and the electrologist that was too stubborn to move forward and learn better techniques, just whithers away. When the consumer is served well and walks away happy, that enhances the life of both the practitioner and the client - such a lovely ending. The world is too big for the number of highly trained electrologists that are working today. We need more of them! :tired: (tired)

All good points Dee but it’s not happening. They are the best electrologists in London and the way electrolysis is going here in the UK I doubt they will have any competition to rock the boat.

I’m all for upgrading to better technology but in this case I personally don’t think that’s what’s causing the issue.

What do you think the problem is, stoppit?

Oh, probably rude of me to ask. You don’t have to respond.

I did tell her, there’s the whole shadow you can see under the chin, and also have booked full sessions just for that, because she says there’s not much work to do on the upper lip and eyebrows, but when I see what has actually been taken off, it’s nothing.

Lighting must play a part. But I don’t know. For example, my eyebrows. Forget the main two lines you get. You know the part in the middle, it seems she focuses more on one side than the other, in the middle. So one part of the middle is very fine in hairs, the other side has lines of hairs. And I wonder why those weren’t removed either.

I mentioned it on the previous page. If the client only spends 30mins per appointment, used on more than one area of the face, the electrologist is only going to do what appears to him/her to be the obvious hairs. And we know that there is often a difference between the hairs that the electrologist sees as most obvious and what most bother the client.

So if one area has hairs that are bothersome even after treatment, I’d personally let my electrologist know and ask him/her to devote a whole session on clearing everything/as much as possible just in that one area. If even after the electrologist saying ‘I’ve cleared everything’, the client sees bothersome hairs, then one can say the lighting equipment etc is really letting the treatment down.

I hope I’m making sense.

I’m telling the truth and I am honestly not trying to exaggerate.

My upperlip was going well, so now what happens is the hair grows back. I go in to get the hairs removed and am told there’s not much there. The thing is, when I go home, I look in the mirror, and I wear glasses (very bad eyesight) and with that I can see hair. If I can, so can others, and that is without focusing on one area. I think if I was to get clearance on that area, I would be waiting there for ages, with this old machine. And even if they upgraded, well, that wouldn’t happen soon anyway. I don’t think the enthusiasm you guys have exists here. It does to an extent, but is not stretched far, or perhaps this machine would have been bought ages ago.

I like new technology, especially if it of benefit. If I was skilled in using a certain machine, be it for hair removal or for designing a website, I would jump up to see what the new apparatus looks like and buy it if it was within my budget. Here it’s not like that. They go slow, and they don’t think it is necessary.

It’s like, the job is loved, but not enough to love it even more. I dunno.

Yea I get you. I have dedicated sessions for my chin because she said I didn’t need to work on upperlip and eyebrows so I took her advice. But then she says there’s nothing there and says let me look at eyebrows or chin instead. I dunno. How else can I explain it.

She has done ‘full sessions’, I assume moving hair at her normal rate but it doesn’t make much difference? You therefore must have more bothersome hair than she can tackle in that amount of time. So we can assume she’s removing more shorter hairs and missing some of the longer ones?

And if she seems to think it’s not the most obvious hair on your face but then it’s up to you to tell her that you want complete clearance of that area anyway and keep going regularly until you achieve it.

You know you get the hairs that are on the chin but roll off onto the partunder your chin so when you look, it’s like you can see a gap between the hair and the skin? I wanted those removed. I assume from that angle they don’t see that, so when I point it out it is still difficult to catch, but I believe now there is no need for me to carry on with areas like that there as it will be too time consuming. I will just focus on eyebrows and upperlip and save up to go Spain as it seems the best option right now.