Child Suitablility


I have very dear child 6 years old with a pronounced unibrow.

Would electrolysis be appropriate?

Any comments on would it be better to wait or correct now?

Any recommendations for providers for the Atlanta area?



Unless the child wants to get this hair removed, I would not even explore it seriously at this time, other than to find out who I would think will be good to go to later when the little one wants to make the change.

The amount of sensation, and or pain that may be experienced is a very individual thing. If the settings needed to effect permanent hair removal are even a little bit painful to your child, it would not be a good thing to be doing if the problem irradicated is not something the kid is all that fired up remove. On the other hand, if it is something the young person wants to do, it won’t matter if the sensation is nothing noticeable, or actually painful, it will be endured happily. It will also be mercifully quick. A unibrow can be brought under control in a short period of time, and the return visits quickly become fewer and shorter in duration.