Chicago referrals?

First timer looking to get some work on my chest done. Any help appreciated.

The people we can say have treated HairTell posters and have had good feedback are:

Cloda (near Ashland and Wellington). Call her at 773-549-8580 and tell her Andera Sent you.

James has had treatment from, and recommends 2 people in that area so far.
Just two hours by car from Chicago you have:
Rhonda Elmer
Electrolysis Center and Tanning
1601 Spring Square Alley
Monroe WI 53566
She is good, does both thermolysis, and blend, and would give you multi hour appointments if you asked nicely. Book well in advance, and you could have many long appointments in a month. Just be sure to honor the appointments you make.

In Chicago, but much harder to get time with is:
Debbie Strickland
Merle Norman Cosmetics
7323 N. Harlem Avenue
Niles, Illinois 60714
847 600-3000
She now has 3 CPE’s working with her and two more taking the test October 2005
Lots of experience, and perfectly able to do long appointments if they can be fit into her VERY busy schedule.

Also in Chicago, Taught by Debbie Strickland, the newest member of The Electrolgy SuperFriends:
Cassandra M. McCabe CPE
Cassie Electrolysis
7107 W. Belmont Avenue Suite 6
Chicago, IL 60634
773 919-4247

Thanks again, from browsing these forums for the last year or so, I can see you’ve been a real boon to the community.

Finally, I don’t suppose any of these people do genital work? Seems as though the vast majority understandably do not.

Unfortunately, Rhonda does not do that anymore on gentlemen, but if you have other work done, and you ask nicely, Debbie might. Of course, your problem will be getting any appointment with her, as she is VERY well booked up.

Can anyone recommend a Chicago electrologist in the city (N or NW area) who isn’t booked for decades? Thanks!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I announce the newest inductee to the Hall of Hair Zappers, that is The Electrology SuperFriends. Chicaogo area patrons please welcome

Cassandra M. McCabe CPE
Cassie Electrolysis
7107 W. Belmont Avenue Suite 6
Chicago, IL 60634
773 919-4247

I have known Cassie for years, and have always been impressed by her personally, but it was not until my last convention trip in Chicago this past month that I ever had the opportunity to lay down for her. She is good enough to make an Instantron SS-69 feel comfortable, and she is upgrading to a Silhouet-Tone VMC in the near future. Of course, I had no reason to doubt that she was good, after all, she was taught by another Electrology SuperFriend, Chicago Legend, Debbie Strickland.

Now don’t all bust down her doors at once, and remember, she does need time to sleep. Don’t forget to tell her that you saw her on and that James W. Walker VII, CPE says hello