Chicago Practitioners? eep! help

I recently switched over from laser to electrolysis. I picked a practitioner in Oak Park, and already I see some beginning signs of scarring on the lower and upper lip areas :eek: Looks like I made a bad choice! Happens I guess.

My practitioner is a great person, but I have to face the facts, can’t keep going to someone who gets top dollar and is scarring me up :mad:
Time to make a change like real soon.

I’m not outwardly involved in the “community” if you know what I mean :wink: Anyone that can help lead me to a practitioner with more finesse, who isn’t so heavy handed, give me a heads up?


Give Cloda a call (near Ashland and Wellington). She’s at 773-549-8580. She doesn’t specialize if you know what I mean. :wink: Tell her I said hey!Or not, if you know what I mean (since she knows my deal and all that).

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Tough to find someone in this BIG place, if ya know what I mean! LMAO Okaaay!? :eek:

Thanks a bunch, I soooo appreciate it!

Is this a general recommendation? Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I’m in Chicago myself and this caught my attention.

In additon to Cloda, as Andrea posted above, for the chicago area the people we so far have positive HairTell feedback from are:

Just two hours by car from Chicago,

Rhonda Elmer
Electrolysis Center and Tanning
1601 Spring Square Alley
Monroe WI 53566
She is good, does both thermolysis, and blend, and would give you multi hour appointments if you asked nicely. Book well in advance, and you could have many long appointments in a month. Just be sure to honor the appointments you make.

In Chicago, but much harder to get time with is:
Debbie Strickland
Merle Norman Cosmetics
7323 N. Harlem Avenue
Niles, Illinois 60714
847 600-3000
She now has 3 CPE’s working with her and two more taking the test October 2005
Lots of experience, and perfectly able to do long appointments if they can be fit into her VERY busy schedule.

Andrea- Would you recommend anyone at the place Cloda (Ashland & Wellington) works? Or, is it better to wait until Cloda has an opening?


I can only speak to Cloda’s ability, as she has moved to a different location since I last saw her. I’d say she’s worth the wait if you can wait.