Chicago (N or NW burbs) recommendations?

I’ve been poking around on here, and searching a lot, but I’m wondering if there are any really good T* folk friendly electrolysists in the suburbs around Chicago? I don’t mind having to drive into the city, but I’d rather stick into the burbs, since I live fairly close the Gurnee Mills.

I see that Cheryl Cipicciola is listed here as well… just a listing and she’s fairly close to me in Mundelein… Just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with her or any other T* friendly practitioners.


Update to my own post.
Looks like I’m going in next week to see Cheryl Cippiciola in two weeks. had hoped to try this a bit sooner, but i spent a bit of fruitless time (and money) investigating laser for a bit. (Which while would be nice for instant gratification, it’s simply too much money…)

Any other Chicago recommendations in case this doesn’t work out? I’ve heard good things about Electrolysis by Berta in Mt . Prospect, and I’m tempted to use her… If only the drive wasn’t a bit far. :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Jenni. I live in crystal Lake area and was wondering if you had any luck with your reseach? What are you looking to have done? I am going crazy trying to find any good results on blonde hair. I’m not sure if I should try laser or not I haven’t heard anything good from experiences told on the laser forum.

What areas are you looking to do? I think that most electrologist who have been practicing for a long time have done it all and should not have “issues” with T folk.

If i were you, I would call all the practitioners i can find close to home and just ask them right out. You will be able to hear the comfort level in their voice right away.

That’s what i did when i was looking for someone to do a brazilian. Some people said no right away and without hesitation. Other said: “uhhhhhhhhh, what’s a brazilian?” And others lied so bluntly, i almost hung up.

The few that immediately responded with, yes, I’ve done many on both men and women, i scheduled a consultation with. that saved me time and frustration as well as the embarrassment of having to talk about it face to face with a stranger who may respond negatively to you and your lifestyle. The electrologyst that i go to now has worked with many transexuals but he is in Philly and a little bit too far from you.

Here are some sites by T*s who have had electrolysis done. Perhaps you can find a way to contact them and ask them for recommedations.

MTF electrolysis: prgress chart

My Electrolysis Experience

James Walker recommendation Make sure to look at the pictures by clicking the button at the very bottom of this page.