chicago laser help

Hello everyone.
First i have to say that all of you have so much valuable info that im spending hours reading every day. so cheers.

Second, I live in chicago. Im looking for a good, trustworthy place to go for laser hair removal that will produce the best results for me. Im not looking for a place that is trying to “sell” me on their equiptment and hear how good their technology works over their competitors.
Saying that, Iam 23 i have light skin and dark course hair. I dont know what laser clinic is the best to go to and who i can trust the most, and who has been practicing for a while. I have visited some different places but Iam not that impressed with the way they go aobut their business.
Im looking to have my full front and back done, my shoulders, my arms, neck, jawline, and to lighten the hair on my face. I have been told that the Aurora is good for thinning hair out on my face, but other then that I have no clue what laser to go with and whom to consider in choosing the practitioner. If anybody can offer some help or give me some good advice i sure can use it. Im considering the a Aurora for my face but if anybody can tell me if that is a good way to go, or if they have a better way Id appreciate it. Also if anybody knows what lasers are best, not flash-light stuff, but lasers are the best for my situation.
I read in a earlier post that the lightsheer ET diode laser is the best on the line right now and it works well for permanent hair reduction for the long run over all other lasers on the market. Is this true?
thanks for all and any help anybody can provide.