chicago help please

I dont know where is a good trustworthy clinic in chicago i can go. I looking to get rip of myt back and get my chest hair cleaned up.

use the search feature to find past recommendations on this and other forums

Try calling 312-558-1365 They are local and might give you a referal.

I did do a search and I was hoping to find something more recent than 2 years ago.

I ve been going to Light Care clinic and can say nothing but good things about them. Dr Micheal Green does the treatment. He’s MD. His prices are very reasonable and after 5th treatment you only pay 20% of the price. I ve been going there for a little over a year and results are very good and PERMANENT! HE uses Gentlease plus and is very experienced. You can trust him to get you the best results possible with this laser while treating you safely.

Mike Green is a known name in LHR. I would agree to check him out.