Chicago Help Please!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, Im a 23 yr old new member and First off i wanted to say that everyone in here is so very helpful. I have been trying to find a clinic in the chicago area for the past couple years but i have mixed views on who to go see. This is partially due to my lack of knowledge on Laser Hair removal. I dont know exactly what to look for and everywhere I go i feel like they are giving me a sales pitch.

I have light skin, I have been out of the sun for quite some time because i have been planning on having a procedure done. My hair is very dark, rough and course. Everywhere i go they say Im a perfect candidate. The only reason I havent gone to get anything done is because im to worried that im going to jump into something that isnt right for me. I see all different types of vocabulary used in this forum about the lasers and the different strengths of them…and I know nothing about this.
What im looking for now is help!
I dont know where is a good trustworthy clinic in chicago i can go. I dont know what type of laser is best for me to use. I dont know which laser will give me the best results for my money. I also have other concerns, but most of all I just want to go into a clinic and know that I can talk to others that have gone through the procedure and are happy with the results. I also would like to feel like im in a clinic filled with people that want to help me and not just collect my money. I have other questions of my own id like to ask…But if anybody out there can lend me a helping hand i sure would like to get the ball rolling. I need help on finding a clinic in chicago, help on which laser is best for me, ballpark costs, and anything else anybody can think of. I appreciate any help that anybody can give me, thanks for your time and i hope to converse with all of you very soon


markR: what areas do you want done?Its hard to give you an estimate of time and cost without more information


Im sorry i forgot to include that…
I want to have my full chest and stomach done.
My full upper and lower back, all my neck including the upper and lower and side areas. my cheeks on my face, my shoulders, and have my arm hair thinned.
I have been told that i dont really need to have my arms worked on, but i figure why the heck not if im interested in haveing everything else worked on. And as for my face, im not looking for permenant results, Im looking to have results that will thinn my facial hair out so that i dont have to shave eveyr day and worry about ingrowns and razor burn. So thinned out facial hair will do.
So thats all of it…hope it gives you some sort of idea.

thanks for any help you may provide to me…and if you know of anyting else reguarding the types of lasers, or areas in chicago I would really really appreciate that as well.

thanks again.

Try the Aurora on your face. You might be happy with just two or even one treatment. After my first treatments I had about a 35% reduction in the amount of hair. The best results were on the cheeks and neck. There is no down time because there is no burning, blistering, and scabbing. The people closest to me have no idea that I am doing this treatment. The only comment I have gotten so far is from my ex wife who was wondering why my skin looked so great. In addidtion to hair removal the machine also is used for Face Rejuvination, which I have to say is truly great. While I still can’t say anything about the long term hair reduction (although the patch test I had 4 months ago on my stomach still looks like a 40% reduction, so based on my experiences with lasers and electrolysis, this is the best result I have seen so far) the FOTO FACIAL that I am getting is almost worth the cost of the treatment. Although I would be very disappointed if the results don’t hold up. What I am trying to tell you is that if you can afford a couple hundred dollars, get a treatment with the Aurora on your beard and see for youself. I’m sure the doctor will give you patch tests on any other areas you are thinking of getting treated.

American Laser Centers
60 E. Delaware Place
15th Floor
Chicago, IL., 60611
1 888 645 3312
This is a location of a clinic near you. They have a number of locations throughout Illinois, and they are a national chain who are confident that the Aurora is the most advanced technology available. By doctor however is a private Dermatologist, so be sure to get an experienced practitioner to work with you.

I’ve just registered. I’ve learned so much from this forum that I thought it was time to delurk.
MarkR - I highly recommend Lakeview Laser in Chicago. Like you, I did my research and took time before taking the laser plunge. Among the factors that I considered - practitioner qualifications, experience, kind of machine, reports from this forum, plus the general feel of the offices. I’m female and wanted to get my chin hair removed. I am South Asian and have dark skin.
I had my first treatment with Dr. Tony Ghidorzi at Lakeview three weeks ago. He was very pleasant, took his time to make sure that I understood the process and explained each step. He also urged me to call if there were any concerns or problems. I was sent home with a list of post-treatment instructions.
I’m delighted with the results. I went today to get a tiny missed patch hit again. Dr. Ghidorzi painstakingly went over the entire chin to make sure nothing was missed. I’d signed up for a package of three treatments - this did not count as a full treatment.
My chin feels and looks great. Reading the forum, I realize that the hair will grow back, but right now, I’m pleased. I don’t have to worry about plucking, shaving, dark blotches on the chin or heavy makeup. I’m very happy with my choice. Best of all, there’s absolutely no sales pressure when I go in - it’s like a visit to my doctor.
I hope this helps a little.

thank you for all your help and advise. I have been looking into that clinic and I think now is a great time to go in for a consultation after hearing your story.
if you have any time could you tell me what laser or light pulse machine they used. also could you tell me how long you think it will be until your chin area is entirely hair free…with no worries of regrowth.
thanks for all your help

MarkR - Lakeview Laser has two machines: the Candela GentleLase and the CoolGlide ND Yag. I’m from South Asia so Dr. Ghidorzi opted for the Coolglide for me.

I was told to expect about six treatments - for the chin to be treated, with the hair getting progressively scarcer and finer. I’d be happy with fine hair even if the area is not totally hair free. The first week after my initial treatment was hard because I was waiting for the hair to shed. By the second and third weeks, my chin was smooth. I did not have to pluck, tweeze or shave - and there were no dark shadows. Honestly, I would be happy with this level of growth even if I had to go in once every 4 to 6 weeks. To me, it’s worth not having to worry about hair or dark shadows.

There’s a very detailed report from another of Dr. Ghidorzi’s patients in the forum archive. Search for “beard thinning with CoolGlide.” That report helped me make my decision - you may find it useful too.

The initial consultation is free. There’s no pressure to sign up on the spot - something that I liked. Also, Lakeview Laser usually has specials on their website.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I went through the same stage where I was thirsty for information, and was particularly keen to hear first-hand consumer reports. I learned so much from here that I would be happy to help.