Chicago: Electrology Studio

<b>Electrology Studio</b> <br>
<i>Maria Yokhanis </i>
<p>46 East Pearson Street<br>
<font size=“2”><b>@ <i>J</i></b></font><b><i><font size=“2”>anet Sartin Spa</font></i></b><br>
Chicago, IL 60611<br>
(312) 397-1550<br>
e-mail: <a href=""><br>
<b>Description of Practice:</b> </p>
<p align=“center”><b>&quot;Electrolysis can change your life in a positive way&quot;</b><br>

<li>Medically Endorsed Board Certified Professional Electrologist specializing
in the latest and most advanced hair removal techniques and equipment to safely
and comfortably remove unwanted hair.
<li>Use of all methods available in permanent hair removal - Thermolysis Galvanic
and Blend <br>