Chicago: DT Electrolysis and Total Facial Care

D.T. Electrolysis
Debra Tamblyn, RN, CPE
111 N. Wabash
Suite 1107
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 372-0411

Office Hours: Monday: 6 - 9pm; Tuesday: 5:30pm -9:00pm; Friday & Saturday: Call for Appointment

Description of Practice:
First 15 minutes of treatment free, with consultation
Licensed R.N.
We Offer: Blend, Flash, Multiple Needle & Cataphoresis Techniques
Sterile Equipment
Beautiful & Clean Office in downtown Chicago Area
Also skincare & facial AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy) peels for the problem and aging skin
Men, Women and Teens
Member: IGPE, AEA, EAI