Chicago Area Practitioners?

I have decided I am going to try my luck with an Alexandrite laser to make an initial “dent” in my facial hair before finishing it out with traditional electrolysis.

As Andrea has consistently pointed out, the skill of the practitioner(not just the laser type) is very important. I am very new here and I am not sure where to begin :frowning:

Does anyone know of a reputable practitioner who uses the Cynosure Apogee 9300 laser and who has experience with male facial hair and/or transgendered clientele in the Chicago area? If you do, my email is

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Ok so here it is.

I have two consultations set up, one for this week, one for next. I have gathered so far that Andrea seems to have a pretty good opinion about the Alexandrite lasers because they are well documented and it has been effective for many people. I had also seen some posts about those who tried both Alexandrite and Diode and really really liked the Lightsheer(Diode laser)

The only thing that I keep hearing about Diode lasers is that the skill of the practitioner is even more important as the Diode laser has been known to burn easier? but then some people said they got more irritation from an Alexandrite laser as opposed to the Diode laser. HOW DO YOU CHOOSE??!! :confused:

Soooo…one consultation and test patch will be with the Lightsheer and the other with the Alexandrite(GentleLase)I guess I’ll see which one comes out best and base my decision from there.
I’ll keep everyone updated :smile:

P.S. I had a difficult time finding practitioners in Chicagoland who use Lightsheer :frowning:

You’re handing this exactly right, JGirl! Do your homework, get a test patch, make a decision, and stick with the treatment plan!

Best of luck, and definitely keep us updated!

I had some laser done (1 session) about 2 years ago with the Gentlelase and experienced no change, has the techonology changed much? I understand that often more than 1 session is necessary, but still.

Also, are consultations/test patches usually free?

Just poking my head in this thread because I am also from Chicago.

Steve, consults may have a small fee if a test patch is involved, but not always.

GentleLASE and all other laser technology has basically remained unchanged in the past 2 to 3 years. I’d say any improvements will be incremental at this time, with the only changes being inclremental improvements in treatment parameters.

I paid 75.00 for a consultation at the Midwest Dermatologic Clinic in Elmhurst(reasonable) which included a test patch with Lightsheer. They used only 12 joules which seems a bit low, so I’m going to ask for another test patch(FREE)

The highest consult fee I ran across so far was 200.00!!! :fearful: at the Chicago Center for Facial Plastic Surgery “Steven H. Dayan MD” Avoid them, The clinic WAS NOT helpful when I phoned up and couldn’t even tell me what type of laser they were currently using. I politely told them “No thank you”


Good for you, JGirl76! I’m sick of places that won’t give out basic consumer information needed to make an informed decisions.

They don’t deserve our money! :angry:

I would like to hear an update from you JGirl. I, too, am in Chicago. I have a patch test this eve (only after trying to cancel the appt I made. Reading this site has made me skeptical). So, in an effort to win my money, and after a weak excuse, claiming it’s so safe that a test patch is unnecessary… i probably shouldn’t even continue w/ them: Pure Laser in the Water Tower. I have a second Consultation tomorrow at New Image on Oak Street, which I saw listed on this site as recommended from Chicago Woman. I spoke in depth w/ a physician there on the telephone–again in an effort to gain my business upon cancelling a consultation. Upon the consultation at Pure Laser, I have not been engaging in ritualistic plucking on my face…so now it’s horrific, and I desparately want to get started…but I’m so hesitant due to reading about the ensuing treatment problems: redness, hives, splotching, brown spots. i don’t want to ruin my face! I’m very nervous.

Hi Sbeth :smile: I was just coming on the site to give an update. I have had one full session completed on my face at the Midwest Dermatologic Clinic. I was treated by a very experienced and careful technician under the supervision of Dr. Kovak. I was skeptical after my first treatment with the Lightsheer(Diode Laser) at only 12 joules, which seemed a bit low. I had no burning or redness afterwards, I am assuming that may change when we get more aggressive.

It took a couple of weeks before I noticed anything substantial happening. I let my facial hair grow out for about 2 days just recently and could see the patches that were affected, SMOOOOOTH! :grin: granted, some spots were missed on the first round.

I have fair skin and dark hair, so the Lightsheer seems to be performing pretty well for me(so far) The clinic does operate a number of different types of lasers so they are able to meet the needs of a varying clientele, a very encompassing approach I thought.

My only complaint so far, the staff is cordial but not as “formal” as I would like to see. If you go for consultation, ask a lot of questions, air any concerns, and let them know you’ve done some research. The office is beautifully decorated, clean, and I feel that the technician and staff genuinley have my best interest in mind.

The consultation is 75.00 which includes a test patch. I pay 250.00 per session for my face, and 200.00 for the neck. The clinic also performs a number of other cosmetic procedures in addition to laser hair removal.

Contact Information:

1200 S York Rd # 4180
Elmhurst, IL 60126

GOOD LUCK! :grin:

Oops! and no brown spots or discolorations, SO FAR. This is a BIG concern of mine too and probably will be until I am actually finished.
The larger concern for me though was the possibility of getting burnt, resulting in actual scarring, very scary.

I was only treated with 12 joules. When I expressed to the tech that this seemed a bit low, it was explained to me that with the density of my hair, anything higher could initially burn me. Once the hair thins out a bit, then the joules will go up when needed as needed. Stay avvay from Heavy Handed Helga with the Lightsheer :fearful:

Thanks for the excellent report, JGirl76! I’m glad you found a place that wasn’t giving you the runaround, and I’n glad your first treatments were conservative in terms of energy used. Definitely keep us posted! :relaxed: