chicago area looking for referral for laser

i ahve two thin but large patches of hair on my back. how can i remove them permanently(forever)?

also i have sugared and waxed 4 times but hair starts to grow back after 2-3 weeks.

I have undergone two laser treatments(Lightsheer Diode Laser) at the Midwest Dermatologic Laser & Vein center in Elmhurst. So far I have been very pleased and I’m making good progress.

The initial consultation with Dr. Kovak and a test patch are 75.00. I am not sure what they would charge for the back, but so far I have found their rates for the face and neck to be right in line for what the market will bear, 250 for face 250 for neck.

The treatments are performed by two women who are registered nurses. They are careful, experienced, and they won’t burn you. Depending on your skin type, they have a number of different lasers.
So far,I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

I have written more under “Chicago Area Practitioners”

Midwest Dermatologic Laser & Vein Center
Elmhurst Memorial Center for Health
1200 S. York Rd. Suite 4180
Elmhurst, IL 60126
Phone: 630-758-0470

Good Luck! :smile:

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thanks for the help jgirl. is that a one time fee or would i have to keep going back. also how does the test patch work?

I might not be clear on what you mean but the 75.00 is a one time separate fee for just the consultation and test patch, it’s not payment for actual treatment.

How it works? The nurse will zap a small area on you. For me, it was very difficult to observe any difference(effectivness)on such a small area. I was just kind of expecting this one patch to be totally clear,but didn’t quite happen like that. What I could observe was that my skin didn’t have any adverse reactions.

No matter where you go to get a test patch, you should probably know that hair doesn’t fall out all at once the day after treatment as one might expect. For me it took up to 2 weeks :fearful: to see the results of my first laser treatment. I really didn’t see much noticable result as far as hair reduction after a test patch, it was kind of difficult to gauge.

Hope that helps :grin:

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thanks again for replying jgirl,

how mant times would i have to go to remove the hair. and will it be around 250 dollars each time i go. is the service guaranteed?

please respond

Mark, someone else is going to a place downtown. Choose the SEARCH button at the top of the page and type in: chicago laser

“how mant times would i have to go to remove the hair.”

I am not a practitioner so I couldn’t actually say how many treatments you personally would need. I know some people out there do many treatments, 6-8-12. I plan to do just 4, then finish out the stubborn stuff with electrolysis.

“and will it be around 250 dollars each time i go.”

I don’t know what they charge for the back.
I did mention what I pay for my face as just an example, it is right in line with what the market will bear in and around Chicago. As the area to be treated becomes larger, so does the price. You would need to call them directly to get pricing.

“is the service guaranteed?”

I didn’t even ask. DUMB OF ME. I knew beforehand that laser might not work, and that it was basically my venture. I guess I was just lucky it happens to be working really well for me so far. If you can get a gaurantee from someone, then DO IT. Since laser is hit and miss, it might be hard to get 100% gaurantees in writing from any practice, but you might be able to establish a verbal one and get free additional treatments or at least partial refunds.

With that, I would avoid clinics that are just soley mass production laser hair removal mills. Find a doctor or dermatology clinic that doesn’t just rely completely on revenue from laser hair removal to put food on their tables.

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