Chest: thin or clear?

Most guys with “excess hair” just want it gone. However, if the chest pattern were better, nearly all would keep the hair. Sure, back hair should be all gone. But then, the chest?

I never “start at the top and clear it all off” because this could leave the person with a very strange look if they cannot complete the treatments. So, as I’m illustrating here this morning, I “reverse the hair growth pattern” until it looks right to the person.

With the fellow pictured here, I cleared off the distal/longitudinal strips on the belly. Our plan is to get a thinning of the entire chest, not total removal. So, these strips “go” first.

After this clearing we will wait 2 - 3 months and when he comes back I will clear the entire chest AND the area that I have just cleared off. In this way, these two lateral strips will have had 2-clearances and the rest of the chest only 1-clearance. This should produce a “feathered look” that is common on the stomach.

Later on we can so some refinements, or actually remove all of it. The client is not sure yet, so I’m going with a strategy that can be adjusted along the way. (Photos speak for themselves.)

Whew! That’s one tall man.

Did you work on the arms already? Or was this lasered? It looks like he has a t-shirt on, and I’m wondering if that is going to be worked on as well.


YES a super tall kid … something like 6-foot, 12-inches … He has trouble getting thru the doorways. (Okay, an exaggeration. I think he’s only 6’5”.)

I’m going to thin the upper arms a bit, but what you see (upper arms) was cleared-off a few days ago (part of the back, neck, shoulders original “zappalini” clearance @ 50 hours total.

The arms will require a few “thinning” episodes. I should have photographed the original area to show how I do it … I will do this on the next “victim.”

Upper arms are divided into 3 sections with each getting “clearances” at the appropriate time … so it looks natural and “untouched.” And yes, what he has now looks awful … but, it’s part of the game-plan at this first “clearance.”

Fellow did two years of laser. Both he and the clinic agreed it didn’t work for him (money returned). I did, however, discover a few areas that look like laser was effective (but only in patches here and there). Anything that helps in a big job like this is much appreciated.

Michael, Do you think that the laser treatment contributed to this unusual growth pattern?

It will be interesting and I look forward to the updates. I must say he is lucky that his sides are(appear) hairless though.