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After a horrible decision not to research laser hair removal before having it done, I was left with dark hairs sprouting all over my breasts/breastbone. I’ve been having the area treated with electrolysis now for about 3 months now, and while there is a reduction in the amount of hair that was there, I’m still noticing new hairs sprouting left and right (on top of a whole mess of hyperpigmentation, I have very fair skin). I trust my electrologist is doing a good job in removing the hair, but I’m worried that due to whatever hair follciles the laser stimulated, I will be left with a horribly spotty/hairy breast area forever.

Has anyone had their chest area treated (ladies, specifically but men too maybe?) for more than just a few sparse hairs? Can anyone reassure me that the amount of hairs that will grow on my chest is finite? And that the hyperpigmentation will go away? please =( this has been an absolute nightmare

How fine or sparse was the area that you worked on and what type of laser?

the hair wasn’t particularly fine. not wire thick but definitely not fuzz. if i shaved it there would be some pretty abrasive stubble. in terms of the distribution, i’d say for every square inch there’d be about 15-20 hairs? it wasnt covering my entire chest, it was in a weird pattern focusing mainly around the nipple (i originally had laser done to remove about 7 really thick hairs from above the nipple, go figure). The website of the laser practice I went to says the machine is a ‘gentleLASE 75nm alexandrite laser’. I had the area treated about 6 or 7 times, the last time being around january.


I can only tell you that I, and the other electrolysis workers here have cleared worse than you have in our careers. Hopefully, you will get some response from customers like yourself.

I see a women every week for hair like you describe. I am not rare in what I could do for you, meaning, every offensive hair can be treated over a period of about a year if you stay alert to any new hair that surfaces after you have been totally cleared of all bothersome hair initially. Blend is a great modality to use on any squiggly, coarse hair in the begining, followed by microflash or even picoflash thermolysis later on. I say that with full knowledge that the newer thermolysis modes can accomplish the task at hand jsut as well. This decision is left up to your electrologist. There are many paths to choose from to get there you there.

I am not advising you as someone that has done the walk in your shoes, but rather as a professional electrologist who has accomplished permanent hair removal on many women who had the same problem as you.

I would forget the laser idea on this particular area and go for electrolysis. It’s easy, if you find someone who is experienced.

The hyperpigmentation disappear in a short time (few weeks). These are due to the transparency of the injuries that have occurred in the follicle.
Being a hormone-zone, can you see in the future increase the number of their hairs. The electrolysis is best for you. If you’re in the right hands, each follicle is treated hair is removed. Do not doubt it.

Thank you for the replies. Although I’m mostly curious about what the ‘turnover rate’ of laser is. Like, how long can i expect the negative effects to continue? As long as new hair sprouts, I have to keep getting treated. How can an area be fully cleared if it isnt COVERED in hair to begin with?

Thank you for your response. I’m just a little bit confused, why would it take a year specifically to stop growth alltogether? I totally understand that it’s an estimate, but, is that because new hair will be discouraged from growing after this time? Is the sprouting of new hairs in an area finite?


forgive my repeated responses, but from what i’ve gathered from this thread it would take roughly 7-8 weeks for an entire new batch of hair to grow in?
how does the laser factor into this? and, what does this mean for the duration of my electrolysis process?
I’m beginning to lose hope, I didn’t marr my skin to remove some or even most of the hair. I started this process looking for an end to this horrible problem =(

Did you read thoroughly the regrowth thread that James posted?

Hair grows in cycles. Different hairs come to the skin’s surface in dribs and drabs. We can only treat hair that is present. It takes a minimum of nine months for every single growing hair to come to the surface just ONE time. That is why we cannot get you finished any sooner than 9-18 months. Hair follicles that are treated properly are gone forever. You don’t have to worry about them ever again, but there are active hair follicles just microns next to the one that was permanently disbaled that may be ready to “bloom”. You have to be consistent with your treatments. Each time you get a full clearance, you work toward getting fewer hairs removed each time until there is nothing left to remove.

If hairs presented themselves in colors and all hairs treated and lifted out today were RED, then you would see the next group of hairs presenting as purple in one to three weeks, then the next new group as yellow in the next one to three weeks, then the next new group as green and so on… you would understand this better and have a better visual of what we are up against. It is all very natural, but clients get unnecessasarily frustrated when they don’t understand hair growth cycles. Hair growth cycles are the heart of understanding the time and progress issues and this understanding can help gain calmness and cooperation toward reaching the goal.

ok, thank you. i did read through the thread but i found it a bit confusing. i apologize for asking so many questions, it’s just that this has been such a traumatic experience for me. i’ve spent my first 2 years away at school dealing with this. i am 100% willing to wait 9-18 months, but does this time vary depending on the size of the area/area in general/ hormone issues of the individual?

Yes, cathy9999, it can. ALso, if you can’t stay on a good schedule where you allow the PROFESSIONAL electrologist to clear and maintain the area as those hair growth cycles come forth, that can result in going over the generalized time frame we give you. If you sneak in some tweezing and waxing while getting electrolysis, this could definitely delay the time to completion. The best way to get cleared and stay clear is to find someone that is using microflash or picoflash thermolysis. I don’t have a good understanding of what your area looks like or what you ahv e done up until now and I don’t have time to read all your previous 29 posts. Can you sum this up in your signature and keep it updated? It helps us to be able to glance at your unique situation, charactaristics, etc.


While I beleive that regrowth from laser can take several months,you are now experiencing regrowth from electrolysis treatment 12 weeks ago. Hair there, takes approximately 12 weeks to reappear and should be softer and finer. When did your pigmentation problem begin?

as soon as i started electrolysis. it leaves dark red spots on my very fair skin. they stand out so much that they almost look raised (they arent…) and then they darken/fade SLOWLY over time. i still see every mark ever made. i started this may

The more vitamin C and E you have in your body, the faster and better your skin heals.