Chest Shave

Hi. I am new to the forums here and am not sure if this has been discussed before but after shaving my chest and stomach, the regrowth occurs the next day and the only way to keep smooth and lookin good is to shave again but my skin is pretty sensitive and I always get razor burn the next day. The best shaves I get is when I wait a few days and then shave the hair that is really noticable. I only look the way I want once every 3 or 4 days. I was wondering if there was a certain after shave cream or lotion that I could use or if anyone had some advice that would be good.

If you don’t want the feeling of stubble, you’re going to have to get your chest waxe/sugared.

If you shave every day, your skin will adapt and you will have less irritation and ingrowns. Use good quality razor like M3 or M3 Power and that will help. Some of my favorite shaving products are Aveeno Positively Smooth, and <a href=“” target="_blank">Moore Unique Hydroglide Shaving Solution</a> .

Another good method is to shave in the shower using Suave Bodywash Moisturizing Formula (white bottle).