chest hair removal

I am looking for the cheapest way to remove hair from the center of my chest and the areas right outside the areolas. Would an electric shaver be effective or would that only cause worse growth? I don’t want to spend much money but I want an effective method that won’t damage my skin.

Hello jim101
Obviously the cheapest way is an electric razor or manual razor. If you want to use a manual razor be careful around the areola, not to nick the skin around nipple. No, these methods don’t cause more hair growth. If you get into waxing, well that is a completely different story. Your chances of having the hair increase in growth in time becomes more incremental. But! what are you after? Temporary hair removal where you will have to continue shaving the rest of your life? Or, electrolysis, where you can have this hair removed permanently within a short period of time and then you don’t have to worry about shaving again? Do your research on this forum where you will find a wealth of invaluable info to help you make a wise and economically sound decision. Lots of luck.