CHEAP Prices at NUVO

I just bought a package at NUVO International for $1,300. It is for 4 full treatments of legs (feet to hips), and upper back and shoulders. They have a creepy salesman type pitch there, almost like buying a car, but they were very nice and enthusiastic. It kind of reminded me of evangelical Christians. Anyway, I am excited to start in a week or two, and at that price, I don’t see how I could be dissapointed. It’s less then 1/3 of what my Dermatologist would charge! They better do me right, cause you know I’ll be posting about it. :wink:


How are your treatments going? I am having my first treatment with them on friday and would love to know how your experience was.


How are your results from Nuvo?


I’m not sure what has happened to redhead. His last post was August 25, 2004. He ususally posted quite consistently, but it seems as though he’s has drop off the earth. I’ve wondered about him several times. Last I heard, he was getting electrolysis to finish up his hair removal and seemed pleased. In the past years he had tried different lasers and was pleased with the great or limited results, but just wanted to finish off the untreatable hairs with electrolysis. I hope he pops in to answer your question.

Does anyone know where our dear redhead is?