Cheap electrolysis machine?

Is this a good deal or what? On the website it listed as an epilator. But off to the right side its called the " Complete electolysis package".

That’s a respected name and a legitmate machine. You’ll have to decide for yourself if the price is one you are willing to pay.

The only thing I’d add is that it appears to be thermolysis only. You’ll get better results with blend. The cost of the machine itself is not that large compared to the difficulty of learning to do electrolysis.

How much harder would it be to use this machine compared to a One Touch?

Pro units are easier to use, and have more possibilities for faster and more effective work.

hopefully, you can check out this ebay item as $350 is way underpriced for a pro unit and the Bono Book

Silhouet Tone Machine with Bono Book

What James said.

I even got to looking at that Silhouet and started thinking whether it would be worth snapping up. At $350 it’s a steal.