Charlotte: Charlotte Electrolysis

Charlotte Electrolysis<br>
Melissa Kekipi, LE
<p> Sharon Amity Business Park<br>
3141-400 Amity Court<br>
Charlotte, North Carolina 28215<br>
(704) 563-0808 <br>
fax: (704) 563-6414 <br>
<p> Hours:<br>
Tuesday - Saturday by appointment

Margaret S. Wingate, LE 704-522-7878
Lesa Wingate, LE, AE 704-522-8028

Beauty Skin Deep
4724-C Park Road
Charlotte NC 28209

Closed Monday and Sunday
Tuesday-Saturday 8 am to 7 pm
Appointments Only

Margaret Wingate is wonderful.
What’s your review of her work?