Challenges with Darker Skin..what's working for yo

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I cannot believe there are absolutely no postings here. So I thought I would start a discussion and plus I’m curious :smiley:

So what is working for you in terms of reducing or getting rid of excessive hair, particulary facial hair. It seems the 2 main issues we have to deal with are the skin color itself as well as the texture of the hair. For me, I have a terrible time with ingrown hair along with dark spots from irritation of plucking.

Any thoughts?

Waxing and tweezing tend to cause the irritations you describe. A competent electrologist will not irritate your skin further, in fact electrolysis will allow your skin to heal, and recover from these traumas. You begin to notice a difference in a few weeks, but it can take 6 to 12 months for complete healing to occur.

Laser hair removal has drastically improved in the last 3 years and all colors of skin can be treated effectively and safely. The texture of you hair does not pose a problem. In general the thicker the hair the easier it is to treat. Finer hair is treatable its just takes more time and adjustments on the RN’s part. I have done laser hair removal for 6 years and used 4 different machines - I love the ALMA soprano XL.

Judym: I don’t mean to seem nosy, but why have you been doing laser for 6 years? I hope it’s not on just one area, but multiple? Laser should NOT take that long to complete.

I am doing it now, I’m on my 6th session and have noticed a MAJOR improvement. I have olive/tan skin.

Most people post in the laser section, not here.

If the hair is coarse, then laser will work. If most of the hair is not coarse, then you need electrolysis because laser can actually stimulate more growth on finer hair especially on darker skin.

I disagree with judy that fine hair can be treated with more treatments. If it doesn’t have enough pigment for laser in the first place, that fact won’t change with more treatments.

I think Judy M means she was actually performing laser for six years on other people. She’s a laser specialist. I agree with Lagirls comment.

Dfahey you are correct I am an RN that has been treating clients for 6 years. Fine hair is a challenge but if there is color present, for example fine black hair it will respond. Most everyone’s hair will become finer with each additonal treatment and the clinician has to make adjustments towards the end of a treatment series to get it to respond. Sometimes I will do additonal passes or turn the energy up or use a 2nd machine (an IPL based LHR machine) for improved response. Is it 100% clearance? No - but improvement.

The legs of this young woman shows no limitations for Electrolysis. I include a picture of the area treated on his thighs on Thursday, in case anyone believes that the legs have been waxed.

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Las piernas de esta joven mujer muestran que para la Electrolysis no existen limitaciones. He incluído una foto del área tratada este jueves pasado, por si alguien cree duda de que estas piernas fueron enceradas.

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