Certification course in mississauga/newmarket.

Due to some upcoming changes in my city’s inspection and licensing of personal service settings, , sometime over the next year or two I am going to have to go off and get certified. There is a certificate program run from a company in mississauga at a cost of $900 per student. The hitch is they need at least 2 students to run the program. If any one here is considering taking a condensed course in electrolysis ( it’s run over 3-4 days) then get in touch with me.


How many hours is the program? What will be covered? Theory and clinical or just one?

I’ dont have a lot of details, I could put you in touch with the company, but I think I’m just going to bite the bullet and do a certification locally instead. It’s way too much hassle to arrange for a second person and arrange accomodations etc.

Okay that would be great! Is it more expensive where you live?

Do you know of any certificate programs like this in the US in unlicensed states that are less than 600 hours? I can’t quite my job to go to school anytime soon… But wouldn’t mind knowing more…

not in the states no.

The course I was looking at in mississauga takes pace over 3-4 days and is meant as a certificate course and intensive, but I dont know how much they can present in 4 days.

Mind at $900 a student, they were 1/3 the cost of taking a 6 month program locally.

I went to Berkowits in Queens (New York City) and there is a 120 hour course that you can take (90 hours of practice, 30 hours of theory). It’s $2850 and can be done in as little as 3 weeks of constantly being there whenever it is open. They have housing available for $200/week as well (so you’d be looking at $3450 plus your travel and food expenses).

They get lots of trans clients to work on and I typically had at least one a day. In fact, most of the other students were happy to give me the “difficult” clients since they wanted to do the least amount of work possible. I also did my first marathon session on someone there (10am-9pm with breaks for lunch and dinner). I was the only student willing to work more than 30-60 minutes at a time…

we have a local place that does it for 3100 over 6 months 4 hours a week. I’m only considering, because the local ottawa health dept is looking at licensing electrologiists so if I continue to practise, then I’ll need some kind of certification sometime in the not so far off future. So at that point I will either stop practising, or certify. I also dont keep a passport, so I wont be making any US trips. The mississauga school is another , far cheaper option, and less time consuming, but getting away from my kids might be tough,especially if organizing a second person to take at the same time.That and I wouldnt expect a 3 day course to teach anything I’m not already intimately familiar with, it’s pretty much a sham to show paper.

It may actually be more worth it to stop working on others at that point, because doing electrolysis has never brought any real income.I do it mostly to help out the trans community here and to not fel like I’m completely useless.


Also of note, that $3000 total represents more than 3 times what my family lives on for a month, so, I can’t afford much

I live on the other side of the country so Berkowits wouldn’t work for me… I think they increased their cost too, it is $3450 now. I wouldn’t mind one of those courses but it would have to be closer… In Washington state there just isn’t any way of getting an electrology education unless you live by Oregon and even then those classes are about $9000. All the electrologists I have been to have done apprenticeships… I just thought it would be fun to have more than an apprenticeship… Mind you I have already taken years of the sciences and knew about electrology mechanics before I even knew about electrolysis. I think having electrolysis classes at a community college makes the most since.

It really depends where you are and what laws are in place whats available. In my country, there are no licensing systems and only an apprentiseship program in one province.There also is no form of accreditation for schools. And for the money spent, those schools that do run really dont add any value it’s a lot of “go work on each other” .The schools are very much buyer beware.

So how did you start electrolysis then?

right here and with the help and advice of many of the professionals here, and face full of beard which is now gone.Well that and a fair bit of self study.