Cash Reciepts

I’m not really posting much at the moment but I thought this too important to not pass on. Electrologists arent the only ones should be wearing gloves.

In my country, drinking bottles that contain BPA are banned. This is because the BPA, a carcinogen, has been shown to affect blood hormone levels.

A new study shows that thermal cash reciepts, has greatly increased the amount of BPA in humans. Read more about it here:

My partner, works all day customer service for a big box store chain. He handles these reciepts every day all day. Even the local transit system used them for bus transfers. They are insidious, and everywhere.

Are we saying handling receipes makes us hairy? or causes other issues. You may have something but in the UK one week were told not to have some think the next week its good for you. Can’t see how receipes are good for anyone apart from taking a faulty product back perhaps.

What I am trying to say is if we wanted to make sure we were never effected by anything we’d have to go back to the cave age.

Sorry but things can be taken to the extreme by some in the avoidance of hairs or other hormonal issues.
All we can do is our best to stay as healthy are we can with diet and exercise but life must go on and we have to live it not just worry about what will or will not cause such issues.

I personally think receipts is a bit OTT however if you parter is handling them all day every day perhaps you maybe concerned but the average person ?
I think working in the mine like my father or with aspestos would definately have health issues but receipts I’m yet to hear a condition brought on specifically just from receipts.

Personally think notes transfer more dirt which is why we are doing away with them for plastic wipe about versions in the UK. Don’t ask me when they are coming in lol but we have seen prototypes soon to be in circulation hopefully.

In regards to average person and receipts if you are concerned which I say anyways as they only end up clogging up in my car or purse, no thanks we get asked her if we wish to have one and unless its an item over £100 that I’d want to take back if faulty I don’t bother.
Bus will give you a receipt but you don’t need to take it we don’t have conductors any longer. x

Well Said. Andrea really needs to fix this issue on the board. I’ve had to tell people to email me, cause they cant paste anything here. It’s really messing it up.