Capsule removal with Electrolysis.


Drain the sebum after channeling the follicle with a sterile hypodermic needle.

Apply galvanic current, with a very low Thermolysis for a few seconds. Drain again, and transparent capsule will come off easily.

After 2 minutes:

ET VOILA!! :wink:

I hope I’m not asking a silly question. Is this a blackhead or a hair or a combination of both? Or is it entirely something different?

Josefa has shown me how easy this is to do and I think the treatment of acne (or whatever generic term can be given) is a useful skill for an electrologist to add to his/her repertoire.

I had acne until my early twenties and my sister being in the same age range herself now, is also still suffering with it. I developed a lot of small ‘poc’ marks on my cheeks from the acne, which thanks to Josefa, she has improved the appearance of by using electrolysis.

She explained to me that the permanent skin damage was caused by the bacteria when I would have cysts in this area. Like my sister and I’m sure other acne sufferers, we know that a spot/pimple often keeps appearing in the exact same spot. It is drained, scabs over, appears to heal but a lump can still be felt under the skin and after some time, the pimple develops again.

Capsule removal is full treatment of the spot and once it is removed, the skin can truly heal. Every time we have visited Josefa, she has removed many capsules and sometimes tiny hairs on my sisters face (particularly the apples of the cheeks and on the forehead), leading to much clearer skin.

It is so simple and can prevent these cysts and pimples causing damage to the skin.

Lovely Josefa, have you got more of these?
A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

Please correct any gaffs Josefa but;
Carmella, I would say that the cyst above was an EPIDERMOID cyst.
A Pilar cyst is very similar but not quite as common in the young- and i am guessing that Josefa’s client there is young, just from the qualities of the skin. The latter are also more common on the scalp.

The darker ‘punctum’ in the centre is, similarly with the open comedone (blackhead) of acne (you are bang on Carmella), the exposed and oxidised keratin contents of the cyst.

Just as a point of interest, both epidermoid and pilar cysts used to be called ‘sebaceous cysts’ but the latter are much less common and the contents are clear.


Thank you for the information June. My brother has a lot of these epidermoid cysts… I had be trying to give them an accurate name for some time without success.

The problem he has is that the exposed keratin forms a plug which can be 2-3mm in diameter. When pressure is applied, it releases with rest of the unoxidised keratin and then attached to this, anywhere from 2-5 full length hairs clumped together come out.

We don’t know what to do :frowning:
Various things have been used which diminish the large pustule type cysts but these just keep developing and can only be manually cleared.

Stoppit, when you say some hairs come out of the follicle, I’ve never heard of this or seen it so, firstly - anyone got any ideas?; and secondly, I’ll go away and have a rootle thru some files and see if i can find an answer. Ok?
June x

Josefa, could you please describe your technique of improving “pock” marks with electrolysis?

Further to Stoppit’s Brother:
These could be lanugo comedones.
See thread on E to E section of Hairtell.(Someone needs to show me how to make a link - the following is copy/paste!)


Ekade, as far as I know all Josefa does is treat the follicle/s in these poc marks. Tiny, tiny hairs exist and Josefa epilates them. Once the skin recovers from the electrolysis and the follicle closes up, the marks even out somewhat. The biggest improvement was in the scarred pores. The slightly larger marks have shrunk a little and become less deep.

I hope to post photos soon… Josefa sent me some but I’m just waiting for the full size files.

June: I forgot to mention that these are extremely thick terminal hairs, usually over 1cm in length and a bunch of them come out together.

Stoppit, I have never treated a cyst with several terminal hairs inside but certainly some spots (closed comedones) with one or two inside. Never in a bunch though.

What’s your Brother’s skin history? Pictures help.

Stoppit, thanks for this explanation as clear, if I had to choose a spokesperson to convert my words into English, I would not want another. :slight_smile:

You know, Ekade? When you produce a new injury (this time voluntarily, and controlled) on an old scar, the miracle of healing makes the skin look better, the dilated pore (permanently because of the small scar that grain produced) is reduced , providing look more uniform and homogeneous in the area.
Electrolysis is the ideal treatment to close the small holes caused by piercing on lips, eyebrows, nose, etc, when the individual wants to remove it. The key is to choose the right size of the probe, and make a full pass through the hole tubular channel. The word to describe what happens is: angiogenesis, and you can find the description in this thread, so didactically explained by Michael.

An example might illustrate this phenomenon is when you make the holes in the earlobe of a child. If the silk is removed before the wound heals, the hole will close and you will need to start again.