Can't delete posts?

Andrea, as you may have noticed I’m posting links to legitimate electrolysis machines on Ebay. I’d like to be able to delete the expired listings. I can delete the text, but not the posts themselves. So blank posts pile up. Can I be given the ability to delete my own posts? Or could someone with that ability occasionally delete my blank posts?

First, thanks for posting these helpful links!

I would prefer not to get in the habit of deleting any posts (to date I have only had to do this once), so perhaps you can simply add a note when you edit saying at the top: eBay auction has expired as of June 6, 2004 or whatever day. In fact, it might be interesting as a historical thing to paste the final price in your post so everyone can get a sense of what these machines go for.

Let me know if that sounds like a good option, and once again, I really appreciate your work on behalf of all our great members!