Can't decide between electrolysis and laser


I’ve been considering laser but I am very hesitant due to possible burns, pain, and the cost. Will electrolysis be more effective and less painful? More importantly, I’m wondering if it is a better method for me. I’d like to have the hair on my entire legs removed so if it’s painful it will be agonizing since it’s such a large area. I do get in-grown hairs occassionally not to mention razor bumps.

I’d say definitely go with the electrolysis - it works, it just takes time. I got burned from the laser and it was the most painful experience ever (plus the hair is exactly the same as before and I still have to shave every day).

Same here depending where on where you want to get done it can be cheaper too. I lasered my upper lip and chin 2 years later I still wax! i had my first electrolisis session on wed. it was great didn’t hurt much, its like a little sting nothing much. so definatly do it!

Hi Zinny-- if you have light skin and dark hair and don’t tan yourself, laser can be good for a large area like legs. Keep in mind that the side effects that concern you can and dop happen, especially with inexperienced practitioners. It’s vital to go to someone recommended by a consumer who is done and happy to reduce the risk of side effects.

Electrolysis can take a LOT longer in terms of initial clearing, but in the right hands it’s a great option. Again practitioner skill is essential, though!