Candella Gentle Lace

i am fixing t start treatment on my back hair with the Candella Gentle Lace. i coud not find much reviews about it and was wondering if anyone out there had tried it at all, and what kind of results were acheived? i am targetting my back and shoulder area. the clinic is estimating it around $600 a session. am i being ripped off?
i appreciate any info anyone can provide. my skin is fair and i have clack hair
thank you

well i have gone for my second treatment with gentlelase (after 2 years treating with lightsheer) for back and shoulders, and i have to say that i am really pleased with the results. i havent been burned at all (i always got burns around bony areas, like shoulders)…i am also treating at a different place, with a very experienced technician (5 years she says) who is also an electrologist. it is costing me about 750 dollars, but i do live in Manhattan (everything is more expensive). i have gotten the feeling that it is really not permanent, but it is the best result i have gotten, and i am much less self conscious. hope that helps.

Hi shakaka-- there are many reports here about the GentleLASE, and it’s widely considered one of the better lasers. The most important thing is who is using it, though. In the right hands, it’s great, but in poorly trained hands, it’s a computerized blowtorch. Make sure the practitioner has lots of experience with consumers with your skin color, and you might want to try a test patch to see how you respond.