Candela GentleLase

I am going to use this laser on Thursday (for my back). I have researched a bit on the internet and I haven’t found anything that would make me cancel my appointment. Actually everything that I have read has been positive. Please if anyone has any experience (good or bad)with this Laser please respond to this post. Thanks


Hi chitown,
I had a test patch done with the GentleLase, but ended up at another clinic that used an EpiTouch alexandrite, went with them because of lower prices. I’ve had one treatment done with the EpiTouch & the hair grew back fairly quick, with not a lot of reduction. The places I had the test patches done with the GentleLase took much longer to come back, and in one of the GentleLase spots I’m still smooth after 2 months.
I decided to switch clinics because I didn’t care for the practitioner, the one I’m going to now uses the GentleLase. After my good test spots with it, I’m hoping my treatments go as well.
Good Luck :smile:

Both lasers mentioned operate at a wavelength (colour of light) of 755nm. Particles within the skin scatter away the light so that very little hits the deep target. To maximise the amount of light reaching the target you need lasers that have large footprints on the skin. An absolute minimum is a footprint (spotsize) of 7mm (such as the Epitouch Alex).

Really 12.5mm is what I regard now in 2003 as the minimum size to use. The amount of power needed at this footprint is very high and depends on other physical charactaristics of the lasers. Both Cynosure and Candela produce lasers adequate to the job. But, you need a decent tech to operate them.