Candela GentleLASE or GentleMAX

I have fair skin and dark hair, which I have been told the GentleLASE is good for fair skin. I understand that the GentleMax combines the GentleLASE and Yag for darker skin. So because the GentleMax combines the two and I have fair skin, would I have better results with the GentleLASE or can the GentleMax be just as effective on my fair skin?

I’m not sure of the question. GentleMax is just two machines in one unit. Operator still has to select a specific laser beam in the machine. Gentlemax is not Alex and Yag combined into one beam of light. So it doesn’t really matter if you use GentleLase or the same Alex mode in GentleMax. The slight advantage to GentleMax is the pulse-width can be adjusted on the Alex side, unlike in the GentleLase where the pulse is fixed to 3ms.