candela gentlelase and gentleyag - synopsis of treatment

Hi everyone, Im new to this forum and thought I would share my experience. I am a type IV skin type, and after much research, i decided to go with my medical group - dermatology department. I figured they had a good reputation and would be in a position to properly evaluate me and my needs. They used a gentlelase laser under supervision of a doctor. An RN performed the procedure. The first time i went in, i was nervous. they reassured me, and performed the procedure on my face, mustache area, and neck. i went back to work, with my face flaming. i knew something didint feel right, and when i called the nurse the next day, she said that it was normal to feel a slight burning sensation. it should go away. needless to say it didnt. the next day my face was red and inflamed. i took digital pictures for documentation and emailed them to the nurse. you could actually see where the semi circles the laser created on my face! i was horrified. it turned brown and then i started losing my skin. they were just as horrified. they indicated that they had never seen this happen and that they would work with me to make it better. To this extent they did. i got anti-inflamation medication, and a prescription bleaching cream. They reassured me that it would go away - in time. a month later my skin looks better, although i have brown pigmented spots on my face

They also indicated that although it may happen the first time, perhaps the second time it would not be so bad.
well…i went back on friday (with much trepidation) and they were much more careful and brought down the intensity (1810). they said taht if this didnt work, they would ercommend moving to a gentleyag laser.

well, Its monday, and it looks like the same result. I have marks on my face and it feels like someone burned me. I dont think i will be going back again. Has anyone had this experience? if so, is the gentleyag laser any better? i would love to hear from you.

By the way, the lifesaver for me has been a cosmetic called dermablend. It was recommended to me by the nurse and its a makeup with full coverage…while looking natural. without this, i could not show my face at work.

The lesson? ASK QUESTIONS! ask if they have treated your type of skin tone before - they may be experience in laser hair removal but may not have had the experience with your skin type they claim.

i hope that i am not scarred… :frowning:

Don’t worry, the redness will go away. I am a type IV and I had a lot of redness with the alexandrite laser (Apogee) after having my chest and back done. It took about a week for the redness to totally disappear although it got a lot better after 2 or 3 days. The redness is worth it to get the long term results.

I have had less trouble with redness when I switched over to the Lightsheer diode laser and it is more powerful than the Apogee.


pstmistres, I’m very sorry to hear that you had a bad reaction. :frowning: Unfortunately, this cannot be predicted, and even some ideal candidates have this p[roblem.

I usually advise consumers to get a test patch done in an inconspicuous area before committing to treatment, and I also urge consumers to start treatment somewhere besides their face. That way, they can assess the results, and if there is a problem, you don’t have to cover it up with stage makeup.

Please keep us posted on your gealing, which I hope is speedy and complete! :smile: