Candela GentleLase (Alexandrite) 12joules/18mm

HI All,

I am contemplating getting laser done on my legs… I went for a test patch today. I did some research and wanted to find somewhere that had the Candela Gentlelase (as there seems to be a lot of good results on this forum about it)…

I am hair type 3 and have light brown to medium brown hairs on my lower legs.
The lady did the patch test at 12joules/18mm. I asked her if she would up these settings if i was to do later sessions, the most she wanted to up to was 14 joules/18mm - are these settings to low?

On another note, there are a lot of online IPL deals happening in Melbourne at the moment. I bought one last for $59 for 6 months usage (it is up to $600 worth), so i am planning on getting bikini done. i actually bought 2 vouchers, so was planning on getting underams done also. The IPL is the Chromolite-S IPL. Has anyone heard of this?

After reading some posts on here, i have just realized that my plan in my head of getting 6 treatments in the 6 month period (a treatment each month on the bikini and underarm area) is not really realistic as from what i read you need to wait about 8 weeks between treatments on these areas. Can someone inform me on this - how often should i get treatments done on bikini/underarm area using the chromolite-S IPL. What is the minimum that is still effective?

Also to explain the Candela Gentlelase is quite expensive (no online vouchers there) so cant really afford to get legs/bikini and underarms done using their services…

I would be greatful if you could answer any of these questions above? Thanks

Starting at 14J/18mm is ok, but you want to get to at least 16J/18mm on your second treatment and treatments after that, if your skin can handle it. 12J/18mm is too low.

See if your hair is impacted at 14J/18mm. It may be too light in color.

Haven’t heard of that particular IPL, but I wouldn’t expect great results. You can always get one treatment and see if the hair even sheds. That’s a good starting indicator.

Yes, you’ll need to wait 8-12 weeks between treatments on those areas.

There are other Alexandrite lasers around besides GentleLASE. I would call around and see what you can find. Regular underarm treatments shuoldn’t cost more than $50-100 per treatment.

Thanks LA girl, for skin type 3 and light to medium brown hair - what laser would you think might be most suitable? Thanks

Alexandrite like GentleLASE is your best bet. If that doesn’t work, the hair is too light in color for LHR.