Can zapping hairless areas harm you? When most hair is gone and theres only a small amount, how do they know where to zap accurately if you shave before treatment?

[Pics are my lower legs]
I had another worry about my upcoming Gentlemax treatments. I didn’t want to add to the post I just made, thatd be too much in 1 and im already tired/zoning out :sleeping:

So, its been years since I did several areas that I want to finish now, such as my legs. If there’s only 10 or 20% of the hair left, and big areas that are hairless, how do I make sure the laser energy/zaps aren’t wasted on those already finished areas? I don’t (much) worry that paradoxical hair growth could happen, but since the purpose of the zaps are to target and destroy hair follicles below the surface of our skin, if its zapping where none are present… it just seems like that has to be damaging in some way to the skin or body. Or at the least, a waste.

Im thinking of… timing my pre-shaving (normally 1 or 2 days before treatment) to exactly when they can just start to see the stubble hairs coming back so they know for sure where to zap.

Or-- right before the treatment, in the office, circle in white pencil, the areas w hair to zap, then electric shaver away those hairs leaving the white circles, and telling them to use the smallest ‘spot size’ since its usually just 1 or 2 hairs in a spot. I know this seems a tad nit picky/obsessive, but I want to get it perfect and can’t think of another way. (although I probably can’t see the backs of my legs as well to circle the hairs)
Does this make sense?

What do the rest of you do towards the end of your treatments?

 im a little more nervous this time, as i was burned at the last place I tried so im trying to make everything go as perfect as much as I can

Mark the area with a pen and shave it same day. Laser is safe on skin and body so there is nothing wasteful or damaging. The less visible stubble the better because energy is wasted on the stubble instead of being transferred to the follicle.

Nothing damaging? People are burned or stimulated all the time with them. They damage our follicle to target + kill hairs.
I dont get how you can so quickly say, its fine if they zap already cleared, hairless areas because they didn’t know it was a hairless area.

Yes Ive read that about stubble, i just thought the cost of risking less energy toward the follicle was worth the benefit of having them know for sure where exactly the hairs are and better targeting them.