Can you use an epilator in the face?

My hair line in the face is too high and I have hairs growing on the cheek bones and also on the side at the temples I have slight hairs, most likely from using Rogaine…
Plucking them one by one is really annoying. I asked myself if I could use an epilator in the face. I read that the braun xelle epilator is supposed to be good. It got a lot good reviews at but I don’t know if this might not hurt too much.

I asked my dermatologist about those hairs at the temples and he said I should pluck them and he said that when you pluck them long enough you can also damage the follicles and they won’t grow back. Is this true? Is there are chance or permanently killing the hair?
And is plucking basically the same as epilation only that an epilator is faster? Because then I could give it a try.

Well, I tried doing my neck once and it was too painful due to the denseness of the hair there, plus the fact that it irritated the skin for quite a while. I’d advise against epilating the face in substitute of regular shaving.

Epilating my be alright for the female face where you might only have a stray hair or two, but not for a male with dense beard.