Can You Tell Me Why - My Hormones tests

Okay I am a guy first of all and got my hormones checked. All on safe levels. Here is the result:

Testosterone 6.89 ng/mL

Safe levels for males: ng/mL 2.62 - 15.90

Insulin, Serum - Fasting 8.50 uU/mL

Safe levels: < 22.70

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin -SHBG 22.10 nmol/L

Safe levels: 13.00 - 71.00

Is there anything else I should get checked?

Okay let me tell you what type of skin, hair, health condition I have.

I dont have whole lots of very dark hair, Instead lots of regular hair making them look like dense but light at root. Also the hairs are pretty much problematic in area above chest only. I do have hereditary traits that could make me prone to hairiness, but I should not be getting them on my face. I didnt had problem in highschool, but problematic in college. I tweezed a lot and whereever I tweezed hair grew stronger and dense, probably due to excessive stimulation. My health condition was bad since last 10 years, depression, anxiety, unable to eat on times, sleep on times etc, and I have very light skin also delicate but not something can not take an injury. It heals nicely, but its delicate as I have soft skin.

I just am getting my neck and face electrolysis done since last month, and so far its okay, as its too soon to tell how hairs are growing back etc.

So my question is:
-What else should I get checked?

or should I eliminate all the checkings and just get electrolysis done.

Any opinions/ suggestions will help.

Paul H.

It sounds to me like you may just concentrate on your electrolysis now.

Most men who do have a hormone problem and start hair removal past the age of 25, most follicular recruitment has already occured.