can you give me some advice?

I have problem with hair on my back and back of the neck. I have a hard time with deciding which method of hair removal should I choose. Most important for me is its effectiveness (by what I mean the least number of visits to a specialist’s office providing permanent hair removal). If this is of some help - I have medium dark complexion as for a white male, and the hair I want have removed is black and rather thick (other aren’t so visible). I don’t expect you to directly choose for me - rather I look for information on effectiveness of these three methods: laser, electrolysis and microlysis (in general, not by Global Electrolysis company). If one of them is superior to others - please let me know.
I will welcome any additional information on prices (though it’s not of first importance, since I live in Poland and will probably have to check that for myself) Thank you for your responses :slight_smile:

I have read all the information comparing laser and electrolysis posted here. It’s just that I don’t ask generally but specifically which is better for treatment of dark hair on skin with averagely dark complexion (for a white). And particularly I am interested in microlysis compared with these methods. Is it worth considering? Because it’s something new here in poland. Thanks for replies.

Microlysis is completely unproven and likely a scam.

Laser sounds like a good option for a larger area like the back. After a few treatments, you can switch to electrolysis to get the rest.

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Thank You, your advice really helps. I’ve already had one session with electrolysis almost a month ago. The thing is I specifically wanted to remove the darkest (& thickest) hair of my back which happened to cover three relatively not large areas of my back (I don’t plan to remove lighter hair, because it seems that would be really a long time to do it). I sensed from the mail here that electrolysis can give more permanent results than laser (reading that people have been doing that for years, 10+ visits - although laser specialists promise to get the result in 3 sessions, ca 40% hair removed permanently after first visit). The removed hairs apparently (for my untrained eye) haven’t regrown so far, however I still have spots on skin similar to acne (red dots). The technician told me to come back in a month, because regrowing hair will be then about 4 mm long. Here I am not so sure, cause I had done once (only once) waxing of my back, and it took about two months before I saw them regrowing. I really don’t know how soon should I go to next visit? Can You help me once more?

(BTW is it possible that after waxing hair regrows even bigger, especially this which was hardly visible before waxing???)

Lately I considered removing hair from my lower back and buttocks. This hair is dark but thin and there is to many hairs to perform electrolysis (I thought of trying laser and if there will be some permanent effect, I’ll go on for a few more visits - I thought of microlysis but after Your say I don’t consider that an option.
I just hope laser would be good for dark thin hair (on a skin type III-fitzpatrick scale)
Thanks for help

Laser’s a good option, but make sure the practitiioner has LOTS of experience with your skin type.