can you ask to "thin out" vs. "clear" an area?

Or to ‘feather’ between longer/darker and shorter/lighter areas, so as to reduce the appearance of a line?

I’m just wondering, because like [nancy?], I’m thinking of doing my arms – would an electrologist take on that project more easily this way?


An electrologist will take on your arms as a project no matter what as you are the one that just needs to be patient and keep regular appointments to see this through. It’s not a question of being easy because all is attainable. If you want total clearance, then you will have total clearance. If you want thinning or feathering, you will have thinning or feathering. You can guide your electrologist to the goal you desire.

Electrolysis is great for selective hair removal because we only choose and remove one hair at a time anyway. With you looking on as hair is removed from your arms, that’s makes it all the better.

Go for it!


thanks dee!

it’s a bit daunting, though – my vellus hairs are longish and brown, and all over (chest, back, neck included, along with the face, of course)… i’m afraid i’d be 50 by the time it’d be done. maybe i’m the one questioning my commitment to this project…

(my apologies for the extreme delay; i’d honestly completely forgotten that i even wrote this message. no excuse, though. i do appreciate your taking the time to repond.)

It is a bit daunting if you tackle too many areas at once. Just focus on a priorty area, and if it happens to be your arms, stay fixed to that goal. For a lot of hair, you definitely want to find a practioner with speed. Using flash thermolysis with good levels of intensity and timing is the ticket to stripping the hair out that you now have (first clearance) that will be in all stages of growth. Remember to show up for consistent appointments, several in the beginning for a first clearance, followed by cleanups spaced farther apart so any new hairs or regrowth can be caught and treated. If you do this right,permanency will be yours sooner than you imagined.

Now don’t stay away so long!


thank you, dee, for the encouragement, and wise advice! what you say is true – like everything worthwhile in life, it’s small steps that take you where you want to go.

i’m so excited to be in the process of actually doing something proactive about this lifelong misery. i don’t have to spend so much unnecessary and painful time hiding and being ashamed.

i am grateful for the existence of this board, for its advocacy, and its members’ informed compassion and guidance. i owe it to you not to descend again into amnesiac rudeness!

thanks again!