Can we have pics of after effects?

Being a visual learner, I would find it most helpful to have some pictures of how different people’s skin reacts to electrolysis. How does the healing process look for Thermolysis, in particular, immediately after/the next day/three days later/in one week, etc. Having these photos would be immensively helpful in determining if my skin is being damaged and what the “normal” post-Thermolysis healing process looks like. Thanks to all!

I’m assuming you are asking because you have some reaction?

I’ll just say one thing, I have genital electrolysis and there is absolutly no visual side effects at all but that’s not to say the area in’t a little tender.

Might I suggest you switch to blend?

I have had some reactions, but my skin is very sensitive. I am just a visual learner and think that if we could have a variety of photos just after electrolysis and results that could concern us, it would help us to see if we have a reason to be worried.

Well I’d be happy to show my reaction right after but I’m not sure other might appreciate it.