can this method applicable to men's facial hair?

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I am a chinese male and i saw some hair coming out in my face. i’m shaving my upper lip hair and chin and i’m happy to have a shadow there. but now hair is growing in the side of my face (which is the beard i think?) and i don’t want to shave it because in the near future the hair will be thick and will cause a shadow in the side of my face.

Is threading applicable to the side of my face? If i use this method, will the hair grow thicker? Or there is other good methods to remove the hair in the side of my face?

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Unless your hair is very fine and not very dense, this is not a good option for male facial hair. The thread is usually too fine to grasp heavy male hairs.

If you don’t want to shave, you can consider waxing if the hair is fine, but if you want a permanent result, you will need to get electrolysis. If your skin color is light, laser might be a good option, but it is very important that you find someone who has successfully treated male facial hair. most [ractitioners aren’t good enough to perform this difficult task properly.