Can thin/straight hair become coarse/curly?


I understand that after LHR (laser hair removal) hair will grow thinner and lighter, and that its length will be the same as it was pre-LHR.

What I don’t know is if the condition of post-LHR hair is permanent or temporary (?) given that I only had 1 LHR (and will never have any more). A month and a half ago I had one LHR for brazilian; I do not want any further treatments.

Some hairs have grown, but they are not coarse and curly - they are so thin only I can notice they are there. They resemble thin and sparse arm hair. However, the hairs are also “straight” (?). Will the pubic hair get coarser and curly in time as it grows more (.31 inch tall at the moment) or will they remain straight?

Also, some hairs are so thin they look transparent; in some cases two hairs come out of the same place (two hairs in a follicle?).

Finally, if the hair cycle for pubic hair is 6 months, does that mean that by that time I will have a fairly definitive picture of how much hair that body area will have ?

Thank you.

Straight pubic hair is hot. sounds Asian looking. You should download a pic to the mature section. :slight_smile: