Can thin but dark hairs still be treated with laser?

Hi guys, I’ll be starting LHR soon (full body). I’m a 23 y/o female with skin Type 4 (albeit quite fair) and black hair. I have hair all over my body, but some areas are thicker than others i.e. leg hair is thicker than my arm hair. I want to have hair removal done all over my body as I am very hairy but I keep hearing mixed things about LHR on thin hairs and risk of induced growth. My hairs in some of the areas I want to have treated (like stomach/chest and upper back) are thin but they are still dark and quite dense. Will I run into any potential issues? I can attach pics if needed.


Hi there. Please attach pictures so that we can advise.

I personally have treated several several clients with the skin tone and hair type you describe. who have tried laser for a minimal number of sessions and experienced significant and dense growth from paradoxal hypertrichosis which took many hundreds of hours to resolve with electrolysis .
While it’s true your mileage may vary, and you could get incredibly lucky, your skin tone is highly susceptable to laser stimulated hair growth and I can in no way recommend that you undergo laser treatment. In my opinion, you will cause the problem to become much worse instead of better. At least one of the clients involved in these cases was a student and highly financially disadvantaged because of their choice to undergo laser hair removal. to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

You do what you feel is necessary.


Hi, unfortunately I’m shaved at the moment but I have a photo of my leg from a couple of weeks ago. The hair on my stomach/back is the same density/colour but just slightly thinner. Also the bare patch is from a patch test I had done with the Soprano Ice Platinum :sweat_smile: I had patch tests done on my stomach and other areas too and experienced good shedding so hopefully this is a good sign.

Hi, based on your pictures you are definitely treatable with laser. Legs, bikini , underarms, would never get stimulated by laser. The areas that you need to be CAUTIOUS is upper back and upper arms, as well as neck area if the hair is thin.

Thank you! Do you know if female chest hair can get stimulated by laser? I have thin dark hairs all over my chest (and sides of my midsection as well, actually) but if I need to avoid laser on this area I’ll just do my stomach and have electrolysis done on my chest.

The Chest usually does not. However the sides could.

Thanks for the reply. Just had a consultation with the laser technician in which she examined my hair and told me which areas should/shouldn’t be treated by laser. I plan on having electrolysis done on areas such as the upper back, shoulders, chest and ‘sides’ where the hair is finer.

Hello, with all due respect may I ask what laser device you use? It is my understanding that Alexandrite lasers have a higher affinity to melanin/pigment which means it should be able to pick up even thinner hair. Also I have a device with both Alex and Yag and with the Alex I can even pick from the presets a Light hair option.

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