Can Someone please tell me why my upper lip has a 5 O Clock Shadow

Its not hyperpigmentation because its not above my skin. Is it from shaving? I shave in between electrolysis. I have the shadow and scars from the scabs from the electryolisis. I need to know what I can do about the shadow? It drives me nuts! I went through the forum and its all talk about hyperpigmentation… Its not that! Would I go to a dermatologist for this problem?? [color:“purple”] [/color] <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

A picture would help

You know what it looks like. It looks like a guy that shaved with a mach 3. I seriously have like 30 little black hairs and the rest are Blonde. I just want to know if its the hair underneath the skin like the roots that are showing through my skin and making it look light black like I have a mustache. I have dark under my eyes and I know thats because I have thin skin. The first treatment of electrolysis was bad and I had big scabs and It scarred because I always scar. I want to know if I went to a dermatologist if they could perscribe something to get under my skin and get rid of the darkness above my upper lip. It wont show up in a picture Its not that seriouse but its there and it give me a complex!


It does sound like the darkness of the roots showing through the skin. I don’t really know what you could do other than having either electrolysis or laser.


The combination of very light skin and dark hair leads to a situation where the hair is visible from beneath the skin’s surface, and the permanent removal of that hair is the only thing that will make that go away. You are literally seeing through the skin.

In my opinion, GOOD ELECTROLYSIS is the best solution to this problem.

Sexione, are you not about 4 or 5 months into electrolysis on your upper lip now? How many treatments have you had so far?

Are you still going to the same electrologist, or did you switch course and get other consults after worrying about the persistent scabbing side effects after treatments?


Hi Dee, I have had about 4 treatments. I have one tomorrow I go every 3-4 weeks about. I went back to her to tell her about the bad reaction I had and then we did another treatment and I had no scabs or nothing and then went again had one or 2 bumps that lasted 2 days and then the last time i went I had a few scabs that lasted about a week. I have a few scars and I think that was from the 1st time I went. Im worried that the one girl that started the wrinkle and pock mark talk goes to the same lady I go too because that lady uses aquaphor and has something to do with a magazine. I dont like the locations of other electroylis because they are in a big building and you need to ride in the elevator with other people while i have i big red upper lip…embaressing. I wish more people on this site lived near me in illinois so i could try someone else. I dont think shes bad, I know i have sensitive skin. That whole post on the wrinkle and pock mark scares me and i ask if it was the same lady and she didnt reply. I wish there were more recomendations.