Can shaving induce more and thicker hair growth?


Simple question:
Can shaving or hair removal creams induce the hair to grow thicker and more coarse?


No. It will not strengthen or induce further growth. However, it will make the hair feel very coarse, as it involves removing the naturally tapered ends. Also if you are younger, your body may not yet have all the hair it will have on maturity. If you do shave and don’t like the coarse feeling it will take many months of no interference (shaving) to return to its’ original state.


Okey. Thank you for the answer. However, Do you know if there is any trick to create tapered ends myself? Like scrubbing may help? or sandpaper?


I don’t understand what you mean.

What Christine meant is that when you’re shaving, you’re basically just cutting the hair above the skin’s surface. The hairs FEEL more coarse at that point because the middle of the hair shaft is thicker than the end, which you cut off. When the hair grows out again, it’ll go back to the same way it looked before.