Can lasers bleach and scar your skin


My dermatologist told me that I am a good candidate for laser since I have fair skin and dark hairs. I set up an appointment, but am skeptical to have this done on my face (chin, neck, jaw, and mustache). I am getting married in a few months and have fears that this could possible burn or scar my face. I have done electrolysis in the past with great results so am kinds of leaning towards that. I feel like this is something I could do on my legs, arms, etc. but I am so scared about lasering my face!

I also had this same dermatologist laser a broken blood vessel mark on my chest and it actually looks a little redder now than it did before she worked on it.

I think maybe that is what is contributing to my distrust of laser.

I would appreciate anyone’s insights. I do have fairly sensitive skin and I scar easily.



Laser can bleach your skin and may leave scar on your skin.
Okay, don’t want to scare you off, the chances are very low. However some people do get some colour changes, and most of those are not permanent. I would suggest you find a good laser clinic and ask for patch tests.


How do you know if a clinic is good? I’m assuming this place is good 'cause it’s a dermatologist’s office and it would be the physician’s assistant that would be working the laser.


Good question.
The best way to ask people about their experiences.
This forum is another good place to gather such information.


Hi Lexi, yes, it’s certainly possible to have significant side effects from laser, especially in the wrong hands.

I’d suggest doing test patches in an area people don’t see before committing to your face.