can LASER HAIR removal cause canker sores?

Hello I got laser hair removal for my first time last month, and was told if I get cold sores, that they would give me a perscription.

So far no cold sores, but I have noticed I am getting canker sores??? I had laser hair removal done on my face, so am wondering if anyone has heard of this being a side effect of it as well?

This is my 2nd canker sore in two weeks, where I never got them before.


I have had canker sores all my life.
They don’t know what causes them and nothing gets rid of them.
I really doubt the laser had anything to do with it unless you were biting your cheeks while you were getting treatment.

There is evidence that exposure to light and stress can cause canker sores to erupt. It is very possible that the treatment was enough of a factor to trigger the eruption.
I should clarify that the laser does not cause the canker sore more that it may have caused the dormant virus that already existed in your nerve cells to activate.


Okay thanks
Well as of today, I have only had the three canker sores all within two weeks. I think I will be careful and just wait and see if after this second treatment the same thing happens.

thanks for the information…