Can it work on males

Can Electrolysis be affective on males and would someone practicing electrolysis work on a male? and can anyone give me a referral for either Indianapolis or Ft. Wayne? and how long would it take for a male back. not extremely hairy? any help would be appreciated! thanks

Electrolysis is effective on both genders… As for your question about how long & how much, then you can only go to see a few technicians and see what they say… rates vary, hair density varies… The best thing you can do is to try a few places and realise that the most expensive is not always the best… a good operator is the most important factor, then good equipment, and down the bottom of the scale is the fancy marble reception area… Ask questions, and if you don’t get straight-forward answers, then look elsewhere…

Sorry I cannot give you a direct referral…

Good luck in your search


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How much time it takes has too many variables to answer your question without seeing you personally. Even then, it depends on how skilled and how fast the practitioner is.

One would have to know how many hairs you needed to remove, how fast your practitioner can remove them, what rate of work you can tolerate, and how frequently you would visit your electrologist.

That being said, most men can have a back totally cleared to no more treatments in less than 75 hours. For some it is 6 to 12 hours, for others it is 25 to 50, but most everyone falls in the under 75 hour range if their practitioner has any speed at all and the client shows up regularly.

Just make sure you visit as many practitioners in your area as you can before you settle on one person to entrust your work to. If you do this, you will see just how much who you have working on you will make a difference in how fast your work gets done.

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