Can I wax my armpits?

I’m not familiar with this site yet, but I would like to ask this question to someone. I go on vacation soon and I don’t want to worrie about if the hair is growing back everyday.

Yes, you can wax your armpits. For best results, grow out the hair for at least a week and preferrably two. You need it to be long enough for the wax to catch. You should do it a few days before your vacation so the skin has time to settle down.

I recommend Tend Skin as well as exfoliating in the shower after treatment to help avoid ingrowns.

A few hairs may break off or appear while on vacation, but you can just shave those. The biggest improvement with armpits comes from women with dark hair, because waxing gets rid of the “shadow” from the dark hairs below the skin’s surface.

If you give it a shot, let us know what you think, and have a good vacation! :smile:

i tried waxing my armpits once but the hairs were so thick i started bleeding, none came out and so i had to slowly peel off the strip and wash it off…

I also found that waxing armpits gave poor results. Now I tweeze. Tweezing takes a bit of time the first time but only about 10 minutes a week after that. Also, it only hurt me a bit the first time but never again after that. I have to hold the tweezers in the hand of the armpit I’m doing, pinch up skin with the other hand, and look from the side. I haven’t been able to do it using a mirror.

i’ve been waxing my underarms for about a year now. i find the results are a lot better than when i was shaving. i would really recommend going to a pro to get them waxed because it’s hard to do it yourself. the hairs in that area grow in different directions so it’s hard to pull the strip once and get everything. don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work out the first time!

I don’t doubt that waxing would work because I’ve been using an epilator on my “pits” for about a year I guess. It’s worked very well. As long as I do it on a regular basis it’s not too painful. I just have to make sure to pull the skin kinda tight so the epilator don’t grab any loose skin along with the hair >ouch< That happened once.

yes, easy to do and although some have mentioned bad results, I have never had a problem in doing the armpits…

Don’t be surprised if Barrester won’t let you out of here without doing them… :grin:

Good luck,


hi there, you guys should try sugaring too… its almost the same as waxing… but it also takes off the first dead layer of skin and it leaves the skin really smooth and nice!.. i make my own “sugar” and i sugar my armpits at home… i have never been to a professional for sugaring or waxing but i know it needs good quick hands… but its really good and it doesnt leave a wax residue thats hard to get rid off… you just wash it off because it is water soluble.

sugaring also doesnt break the hair like waxing does… which is absolutely great… and from relative experience… for example my aunts have been sugaring since their 20s and they are now in their 40s and the hair has dramatically reduced. sugaring, over time and when done right, will reduce the hair permanately… its believed that the hair follicle gets weak with all the pulling all the time that it “gives up”. my mom only needs to sugar like once every 6 months, while in her 20s she sugared every month…but i am sure aging also decreases hair on the body but i am sure my mother’s and my hair decrease is largly due to sugaring.

this is my personal experience and i am sure others have had different experiences… i have also mentioned in other posts that i have a certain skin problem in my armpits that are aggrivated by sugaring… but if you dont have problems with waxing… then you shouldnt have problems with sugaring. (they are very similar!)

good luck to all and i HATE hair! :stuck_out_tongue: haha

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rachelle, do you know of any good sugar recipes? I’m a male and I’ve been thinking about sugaring my armpits (and legs later on). >_>

Is there anything I have to do after sugaring? What do I need after sugaring? Some Aloe Vera gel?

Hi Akram,

There’s a homemade recipe recently posted by badch on this forum if you haven’t read it already. It sounds promising, although I haven’t tried it myself. I guess it’s important to use “brown sugar” and to have the right temp to get the best consistency for the mix. Let us know how it works, if you try it.

Good luck,


Akram: another way to remove that underarm hair the first time is to let someone pluck it out.Its just the same as waxing as long as they pull parallel to the skin instead of straight out.The reason I say the first time is because on most men the hair is long enough to grab for plucking;since most men have let the hair grow long.

I’ve tried plucking my armpits a few days. Suprisingly, there was no little pain. I think I might just pluck off the rest, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to try this sugaring stuff on my legs this weekend (or whenever I can). I also want to remove my ass hair. >_>

I have never tried making a sugar wax myself. I’m too nervous for the mess. However, I find that water soluble waxes work really well for waxing arm pits. Actually, that’s all I use. Normal waxes are too sticky and hard to clean up for me.