Can I tug on hairs to pull them out after treatment?

I recently had my first laser hair removal treatment on my lip and chin. I am a woman with light skin and dark hair. The hair growth resulted from hormonal craziness post pregnancy.

I had no problems with the treatment - a little redness that subsided in 24 hours.

A few days after treatment, what appeared to be regrowth popped up and I shaved it. When I went to shave again, the hairs would come out if I tugged on them gently.

My doc and tech said NO TWEEZING. Is pulling gently to remove the hair (it appears dead and successfully treated by the laser)going to create the same problems as tweezing?

Thanks for your help.

Yes, if the hairs are sliding out easily then it is ok. If they have resistance at all, you should leave them. Glad to hear the treatment went well, keep us updated. :smile:


Follow up questions:
(1) Is the hair that is shed “dead” or can the follice produce a new hair? (In other words, if the follicle can produce a new hair is that why you need multiple laser treatments?)

(2) If the hair slides out easily with tweezers, that is okay, right? Some of the hairs are too short to grab with my fingers but if I use a tweezer I don’t have to pull at all and they slide out.


  1. The hairs are singed, that are falling out. Hair grows in different growths stages. Only a percentage was singed while in anagen stage, so a percentage always grows back. The percentage of hair in that area that is in that stage at any given time is approximately 20%. So that is why you need multiple treatments in the same area over a period of time. Everyone is different however so this varies. I am having pretty good results in the face area and I have had 7 treatments done in most areas and just started the sideburns and cheeks, which is responding very well so far after only 2 treatments. There is a wealth of knowledge on this web site and lots of people who know better the details of growth cycles and percentages. If you do a search I am SURE you will find plenty of info. Your practitioner should also be able to explain that to you better what to expect in terms of regrowth.
    2)Yes if you can slide them out with tweezers, that should be fine. Any “plucking” of resistance hairs could promote growth and throw off your treatments and their effectiveness.
    Hope that helped alittle.

I have definitely been pulling out the hairs after treatment. If they come out easily, they’re gone! If they give me any resistance, I leave them alone. :smile:

I am currently having aculight on my upper lip i must have had about 6 treatments now i have dark hair n it still semms 2 b there so i’m worrying i’m wasting my money… i just tugged on the hairs n they started sliding out so i’m basically in the same situation as yourself so i’m hoping like you it doesnt affect the treatment. Good luck x