Can i please hear stories of any negative side effects you may have had?


Hyper/Hypo pigmentation
Skin change
Hair growth in random places
Hair regrowth stronger than before

I’m trying to analize my choices. thank you.


As far as I can see “bad things” occur only when the incorrect laser is used or if the practioner is inexperienced…good to see that you are thorough in your pre-anaylsis though



Yeah, this is the last stage of questions, thanks for noticing. : ) And also, even stories of the wrong laser used would help me. Or stories of the spontanious hair growth in random places or at the site. Or skin change over the years. ANYTHING! sigh

And yeah, i’m suprised there is not more activity from experience people on this board, b/c from what i’ve seen, there are no other boards out there (the kitty site, eh). And w/ 100’s of 1000’s of people getting laser done, there is SOOOO little feedback out there of what is happening. Esp. long term, it’s been out for so long now, even the latest models. Surely there are people out there who are doing laser for years now, and yet search though i might on the Internet, magazines, anywhere, ZERO info. I am not sure i understand why. Hopefully i will get some answers to this question.

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I’m not sure I understand your frustration. There are plenty of posts in the archives of this Forum that address some of your questions. You are asking people to post stories specifacally about extreme negative reactions like spontaneous hair growth and cancer, and perhaps the silence is your best answer. I think Zambo summed it up pretty well with his statement about practitioner skill, and there is plenty of info all over this Forum about choosing the right practitioner. I’m sure if you hold on long enough, an Electrologist will be happy to share some negative anecdotes about laser, a problem that doesn’t occur on the other Forum you mentioned.


I re-read your post and see that you are not looking for info on cancer but rather skin “changes” like sagging and hyperpigmentation. I guess the cancer thing came up unsolicited in a post you started, and I associated your name with it wrongly, sorry. Look through the archives and know that many peaople are probably away on vacation. Practitioner skill. Practitioner skill.


But surely there are incedences of things happening due to lack of skill, experience, and these are important too. With all the lack of info about it, you’d think it rarely happens, which is of course, not the case. Also, negatives effects are very important in analizing (sp) choices. I am trying to decide which side effects i can live w/, as well as find some specific reasons for most neg side effects to avoid them. But i will definitely do a hard target search for answers about hyper/hypo pigmentation, but i’ve been on this board for a while now, and have taken into account the many threads that i have read regarding these issues.

Basically, i am ready to throw a little caution to the wind and go for the diode if i can live w/ some of the side effects, depending on the severity.

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With a laser like the diode, often a really good tech will try to push the envelope of what your skin can handle in terms of power. Usually they will start with a lower setting and err on the side of caution. If they see that your skin has no adverse reaction, they will probably increase the settings on your next visit. The last thing a qualified practitioner wants is to damage your skin, but they have to zap your hair with as much heat as possible, and your skin WILL be effected temporarily. The risks of permanent hypopigmintation is very low if your go to someone experienced. The worst case of hyperpigmintation for me was with electrolysis, and took six months to fully go away. I have never heard of sagging skin or other signs of aging due to laser, in fact lasers are used to treat those things. I have heard only one person on this Forum, that wasn’t an electrologist, ever mention that laser CAUSED any hair growth, and this Forum is almost dedicated to peaople that have experienced problems. I would say it is a non-issue. Hyperpigmintation is a serious concern, but hearing stories about it won’t help you as much as researching your choice of practitioner. Maybe find a practitioner, hear them out in terms of your treatments, and then double check with this board to hear if people think it sounds risky or dubious.


Okay, so you know what, (and i appreciate a great deal your help here), i’m going to go w/ the damn laser, and i’ll go for the rest of my life if i have to. If i don’t have my brazilian done, i could swear my entire life will suffer. And i’ll take pigmentation problems if i have to as well. I think my practitioner is very experienced, they’ve been working w/ laser for well over 4 years. But i am probably a V in that region, but the place is credible, and she gave me the okay at over 33 joules, i’m going to lighten the area w/ hydroQ 4% for a month or so then go for it. I know the NYAG might be better for darker skin (less risk), but this place is right near me, less hair is more important than skin colour, and it will take fewer treatments from what i understand.

any thoughts? Thanks again.


As much as I hate to say it, at some point you just have to trust your practitioner and let them do their job. It sounds like you are really getting youself worked up. Try to relax. You are not pioneering here. Thousands have done exactly what you are about to do. You will find this board very usefull after your first treatment, and make sure you take note of the settings and other aspects of your proceedure so you can get maximum feedback here. Good luck!


Thanks red. That made me laugh so hard out loud. Okay, i’m off to count my pennies and see how soon i can do this.

Thanks for your encouragement, your feedback and advice.

Happy Holidays.