Can I Negotiate Price?

Hello. I had my back lasered about 6 weeks ago and was concerned beforehand because I have only fine hair on my back (but dark, and I am very white).

I have seen absolutely NO improvement. When I had my underarms done I could see a definite improvement. I recently had a 2nd tx on my underarms and am waiting until 2 weeks exactly to see if I really see more of a difference (it took me exactly 2 wks to see a difference w/the 1st tx). But no improvement on the back.

I paid $199 to have my back lasered. When we were done, the tech walked me to the front desk and made off the cuff comment to the receptionist, “Wow, I still have over 30 minutes until my next appointment! That didn’t take as long as we thought!”

She did my whole back in about 15 minutes. I’m wondering if it would be fair for me to ask the laser place if I can get a discount if I choose to have them laser my back again? Being that I didn’t use the whole time they felt I needed, and on top of that, saw zero results.

But I don’t want to look cheap. I just don’t want to pay Another $200 for Nothing! What should I do!

Definitely complain! Also your laser clinic should have offered you a reshoot after 2/3 weeks to catch the hairs that didn’t shed. Fine hair is problematic to remove so mabe they didin’t address that properly with you, but I would definitely voice my concerns as you’re paying good money for a service.

Hi Irfan!

Thank you for your response!

I finally called today, as I’ve been putting it off because I hate haggling over price or thinking I might appear cheap. I told the receptionist that I have been extremely pleased so far with the results on my underarms and bikini, but unfortunately saw no absolutely no resutls on the fine hair on my back. I said I was hesitant to spend another $199 for nothing.

She offered to set me up with a complimentary consultation with some gal there who will go over LHR with me and then discuss further pricing for me re: my back. The appt. is scheduled for tomorrow!, so I’m so glad I don’t have to wait.

They’ve been trying to get me to come in for a consultation since I started but I always just kept putting it off! Now that it may help my pocketbook, I’m willing to do it!

Anyways it’s been 2 1/2 weeks since I had my second treatment on my underarms and first treatment on my bikini.

Let me tell you I am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED! My underarms are virtually Hair Free after only two treatments! Knock on wood but if I had to live with the look I have now w/my underarms I would be happy! Still I am going to get them lasered at least one more time.

Bikini line doesn’t look as clear as underarms but then again I’ve only had one tx on it. The hair is growing in considerably slower, but is not “gone” like it is in underarms.

So just wanted to share my update! I will post how my “price negotiation” goes tomorrow if anyone is interested. :smile: